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Protecting our migrant workers

Their safety should be our biggest priority

Update : 14 Feb 2023, 12:09 AM

It is irrefutable that Bangladesh's consistent progress over the last few decades has been, in large part, thanks to our migrant workers. The remittance collected from overseas workers is the second largest foreign currency contributor to our economy.

It is even more shameful, thus, that news of our workers abroad being mistreated, abused, or injured has become such a common phenomenon.

Too many of the thousands of workers sent overseas are subjected to terrible working conditions and unsafe environments, often leading to permanent injuries that they are rarely compensated for.

Recent cases as such have shed light, once again, on the lack of proper policies in place that protect or insure our workers' lives.

Not only is it absolutely imperative that proper compensation for the treatment and rehabilitation of migrant workers is ensured by their employers, it is crucial that frequent accidents are prevented to begin with.

Our embassies must partner up with host countries to design better policies, so our workers are protected at all costs. Mistreatment and abuse of workers must be made punishable, and employers must take full responsibility for any injuries sustained at work.

It cannot be stressed enough: Their safety should be our biggest priority.

It is on the backs of these workers that we continue to build the Bangladesh that we aspire for. Unless they are treated with the kind of respect and honour they deserve, we cannot hope to achieve our goals as a nation.

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