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Harnessing the potential of returned migrant workers

The new project on sustainable reintegration for returned migrant workers offers hope

Update : 21 May 2024, 10:46 AM

Remittance has long been a cornerstone of our economy, and along with our RMG exports, provides a significant boost to our foreign currency earnings. 

However, despite migrant workers’ unquestionable role in shaping our economy and being a major component of our economic growth, upon returning, many migrant workers face challenges in finding employment or utilizing their acquired skills and experiences. This has been a missed opportunity for too long, as their skills could be valuable assets for Bangladesh's economic development.

To that end, the new project on sustainable reintegration for returned migrant workers offers hope; a joint project by the governments of Bangladesh and Switzerland, together with the International Labour Organization (ILO), aims to support the reintegration of returned migrant workers through institutions and an effective coordination mechanism that can effectively provide employment and business development support services to the workers.

By facilitating their reintegration into the domestic workforce, Bangladesh can continue to leverage the skills and experiences of these returning migrants, who also deserve and have earned the right to be integrated into the workforce again. Furthermore, such integration will only serve to drive economic growth and development, and at a pivotal time for our economy when we are transitioning from an LDC to a full-fledged middle-income country.

It is imperative now that this project is just the first of many in recognizing the value our migrant workers bring, not just when they are out of the country providing remittance, but also once they return to Bangladesh with invaluable experiences and skills. If Bangladesh is to reach its eventual economic goals, then harnessing the potential of our returned migrant workers must not be overlooked.

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