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ED: Letting the youth take the reins

The government would do well to ensure the participation of the youth in related fields

Update : 13 Aug 2021, 07:39 AM

One of the biggest problems with how our nation and the world in general functions is that decisions are made by those who will not be here to face their long-term effects.

All too often, if not almost always, the youth of the country are ignored, or treated with condescension when it comes to key policy decisions, even though they are the ones who are affected most.

From education to climate change, time and again, we have seen fields related to the youth dominated by voices which belong to older generations who have taken it upon themselves to make decisions based on what they know best.

This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons behind our outmoded education system that has destroyed critical thinking in a generation that is now struggling to find the skills necessary to survive in the job market, especially in the wake of widespread economic downturns which have come about as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Experts have repeatedly called for the pro-active participation of youths in the decision-making, budget planning, education, and pandemic relief processes. In fact, to not involve those who are most affected by these policies is almost negligent on the part of the authorities.

This will be crucial moving forward if Bangladesh wishes to meet the Sustainable Development Goals on time, which too remains crucial in order to improve the standards of living of Bangladeshis across the nation.

The government would do well to ensure the participation of the youth in related fields but they should really expand the role of young people to every branch of governance -- at the end of the day, it is the younger generation who will inherit the consequences of the big decisions that are made today.

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