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ED: A boost to maritime security

International diplomacy and partnerships shall play a major role in bolstering our overall reputation

Update : 11 Aug 2021, 09:52 PM

It is good news that Bangladesh is set to become a full member of the Colombo Security Conclave (CSC), a grouping of Sri Lanka, India, and the Maldives -- with Mauritius and Seychelles set to join soon as well -- that focuses on maritime security, counter-terrorism, and disaster relief in the region. 

Beyond the obvious necessity of maritime security and countering terrorism in our surrounding seas, focusing on preventing a host of illegal activities such as smuggling and piracy, this conclave, which centres around nations in the Indian Ocean region, will only strengthen ties with the nations in this region, leading to more opportunities with regard to regional cooperation. 

Furthermore, this is also an opportunity for these nations to focus on marine pollution, an issue that deserves attention and is fast becoming a major issue as well, and also working together to provide relief and assistance when any of the member nations are struck by numerous natural disasters such as cyclones and tsunamis, which have in recent years have only exacerbated due to the advent of climate change. 

For Bangladesh, these are the sorts of collaborative initiatives that it should continue to focus on, and continue to look for opportunities to strengthen our ties with other nations. As we continue to develop as an economy, international diplomacy and partnerships shall play a major role in bolstering our overall reputation, and how we are viewed by the rest of the world.

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