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ED: Stopping travel with the UK is the wise course of action

We are seeing that the coronavirus continues to take on newer and more insidious forms

Update : 23 Dec 2020, 12:42 AM

The coronavirus has been wreaking havoc on the global economy since it was frst detected in Wuhan, China about a year ago.

Unfortunately, it appears that a new mutant strain -- said to be about 70% more transmissible -- has been discovered in the UK, which has essentially turned the region into the new hotbed for the coronavirus. Countries all across the world are already issuing travel bans to and from the UK, and Bangladesh must follow suit as well with immediate effect.

his is not the time for sentimentality but instead for practical and decisive action; this more infectious virus strain could prove to be even more dangerous than the previous strain which continues to claim lives by the thousands on a daily basis. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the entire planet does what is possible to curb its spread.

This means that any and all travel to and from the UK must be halted until the spread of this strain is brought under control, of which there is little indication of any progress. It is the duty of each nation’s government to act in the best interest of its people, and thus, keeping travel options open with the UK is simply not advisable given the circumstances.

Indeed, as the world waits with bated breath for the vaccine to be rolled out to the masses, we are seeing that the coronavirus continues to take on newer and more insidious forms, and until everyone is ready to receive the vaccines, we have no choice but to make difficult decisions that will ultimately save lives.

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