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Public-private partnerships to get through this pandemic

In the past, we have won many battles, and always through collaboration

Update : 25 Apr 2020, 09:53 PM

As Bangladesh continues to come to grips with dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, there remain a multitude of challenges -- ones that the country is struggling to cope with.

To that end, if we are indeed to address and overcome the many obstacles, challenges, and issues that this pandemic presents, then a more concerted effort -- namely, collaborations or partnerships between the private and public sector -- is the need of the hour.

The lockdowns are having a catastrophic impact on the informal sector, and a significant number of people have slipped below the poverty line, with their incomes reduced to negligible amounts.

On the other hand, while there have been talks about relaxing the economy, failure to do so without the right strategy could prove to be a disaster, undoing all the good imposing the lockdown has achieved.

Decisions must be made, and it is extremely vital that these decisions are not made in haste, while keeping all our resources and expertise across all sectors in mind.

Already, we have seen that when it comes to providing health care during the time of the pandemic, the private sector has been largely excluded.

Similarly, when it comes to educating the masses on safe practices and habits through awareness campaigns, the public and private sector have largely worked independently.

This must change. The public and private sectors must collaborate more, utilizing strengths and resources from one another.

Bangladesh is not in an enviable position, and we have a lot of work to do if we are to successfully navigate through this most difficult period in our history.

In the past, we have won many battles, and always through collaboration. This battle at hand cannot be fought alone.

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