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Rein in the hooligans

Is this the sort of behaviour we would like to see associated with our political affiliates?

Update : 13 May 2019, 12:02 AM

When a member of the ruling party’s student wing allegedly threatens doctors with rape and violence, it not only reflects poorly on the party in question, but also demeans the entirety of our society. 

This is exactly what happened when a leader of Bangladesh Chhatra League did not get his own way at the Sylhet Women’s Medical College and Hospital, threatening not only murder and rape, but also brandishing a knife to drive his point home. 

Is this the sort of behaviour we would like to see associated with our political affiliates? 

In such a situation, we cannot help but hope that the prime minister herself would find it unacceptable to have her own party associated with such rogue behaviour, that stands contrary to the party’s goals and achievements. 

It cannot be denied that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s role as leader of our nation has resulted in progress and development for Bangladesh like it has never witnessed before. 

From bringing about immense economic growth to massive infrastructural developments to significant improvements in women’s empowerment, under the leadership of our current prime minister, we have made great strides in every sector. 

As such, we know that the PM would not allow people like this to tarnish not only her good name, but of her party and the government which have contributed to significantly to the country’s development and progress over the last decade or so. 

It is high time that members of the organization -- within the student wing or otherwise -- who continue to abuse their power were reined in and punished for their actions.

This is not what the Awami League, or its student wing, stands for, and we hope that the prime minister will promptly take actions against anyone who threatens to diminish all that Bangladesh has achieved in the last few years.

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