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Might & Magic Heroes VII

Update : 06 Oct 2015, 11:18 AM

The player of this game has the liberty to choose between Count Griffin’s advisors. Each player can portray their story in their own unique way, and it will assist the players in deciding how the world will shape itself. Not only that, players can also control the future of the kingdom they reside in. Re-inventing the essence of the original franchise was the primary focus of the publisher Ubisoft and the development team at Limbic Entertainment. They have worked tirelessly and the final outcome of all their effort was a delivered title that takes the best elements of various entries that were mostly used in the previous versions. And on top of it all, a six-faction-driven comes along with a bit of a surprising twist for everyone. The game is absolutely different from the other games of its kind because it allows the player to play in a custom game mode with a lot of different maps through which players can find their way around. There are also some absolutely fascinating options for setup, which also includes multiplayer options. The game also uses some titles of the Uplay service from Ubisoft. It’s among the ultimate turn-based experience which requires the use of some the most classic strategies. The game has been crafted very aesthetically as it contains almost all of the mechanics that the users loved from the previous versions. By doing so, the game now seems similar to the previous versions and gives a feeling of the continuations that true gamers crave for. Gamers can recruit and develop heroes as per their choice and will. They will be able to use a re-designed progression system that features some interesting choices and their unique mode of customization with the use of some distinct features and also bonus points which are readily available for collection during the game, all add to them appeal of the game. The movement of both the men and the creatures can be seen on the display map. The men can move to a particular place and attack an opponent stack, and by doing so, the players will significantly increase their abilities and bonuses. In the game, it’s not obligatory for the heroes to fight by staying on the field of battle. They can fight from a safe distance by delivering a strike or spell to aid their troop. With the unreal 3.0 engine, the overall performance of the game is very good. It has been rated 3.5/5 by Metacentric it contains abundant detail of strategic and tactical gameplay.        

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