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Dhaka Flow’s 'Inspire Her Wellness' Women’s Day Festival on March 8-9

This festival will be safe a space where women and their families can explore what it means to be healthy in Dhaka

Update : 04 Mar 2024, 03:02 PM

Dhaka Flow, a pioneer wellness platform, announced a new Festival of Yoga & Wellness in partnership with Baridhara Society to take place on Women’s Day, March 8-9, at Baridhara Society Lake Park.

This event offers a free, immersive experience into movement, mindfulness, health and community.

The festival brings together experts, enthusiasts, and the community, for a weekend of education, inspiration, and action around health, wellbeing, climate change and women entrepreneurs.

This year’s Women’s Day theme, Inspire Inclusion, aligns with Dhaka Flow’s mission of wellness for all.

This festival will be safe a space where women and their families can explore what it means to be healthy in Dhaka.

Attendees can look forward to engaging with wellness experts, participating in classes and workshops that build physical, mental and emotional strength, attending Q&A sessions, enjoying healthy meals and networking with like-minded people.

This in-person event will empower women to improve their holistic wellbeing and stay fit longer.

The festival opening ceremony, led by Dhaka Flow co-founder and reputed yogini, Shazia Omar, will be on Friday at 10:00 am, to be followed by a sound healing session. Saturday morning will begin at 8:00 am with a 5 km run starting and ending at Baridhara Society Lake Park.

The festival, as before, will be entirely eco-friendly and will include a symbolic tree planting effort by Dhaka Flow and Shakti Foundation, as a gift to Baridhara Park.

The art zone will feature art workshops and fun activities for children and adults. There will be engaging outdoor activities for kids of all ages and awareness building around pillars of good health.

The themes at the festival will be financial freedom, time freedom, health freedom and freedom of belief, speech and expression.

The festival will also have a Sufi whirling class and a journaling session with Dhaka Flow’s Flow Within journal featuring poetry by Jalaluddin Rumi.

The meditation garden will feature day-long mindfulness sessions as well as support group sessions on topics such as coping with chronic pain, cancer, depression, grief and addiction, thriving with children on the spectrum, and more.

This year, the festival is unique in that ALL the vendors are women-owned businesses.

The festival will also feature women coaches and women entrepreneurs who are working in the wellness space.

The festival prioritizes an environmentally-conscious approach, with no plastic waste, nourishing vegetarian foods, and free activities for all.

It has been affectionately sponsored by leading private sector organizations, to promote healthy living in the community: Turaag Active, TARA Brac Bank, BTi, Suzuki and Ispahani.

Dhaka Flow is committed to creating a positive impact on individuals and the environment, Dhaka Flow provides resources, events, and a supportive community to help people live their best lives while caring for the planet.

For more information and to register for the festival, please visit

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