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5 tips for winter

Update : 21 Nov 2016, 01:28 PM
Since winter is approaching and it may finally be cold outside, but it needn't be the unhealthiest time for you and your family. Here are five easy tips on how to be prepared to stay healthy and safe, this winter.Keep your home warmHave your heating system serviced professionally to make sure that it is clean, working properly, and ventilated to the outside. There are times when it gets too cold, and it's hard to cope up when the heating system isn't working right, since it goes back to a hibernation period for almost a year. So the most useful tip to stay on the safe side is to get everything prepared and checked, before winter even begins.Stock your food before hibernationYou can stock food that needs no cooking or refrigerator, and water stored in clean containers. It can be a pain to go to the kitchen to do all the cooking and washing during winter, so why not save all the trouble and just buy instant and ready-to-go meals? Even though us, Bengalis are not too used to or fond of it, since we are too used to having freshly cooked food right out of the kitchen by 'Nuri khala' or 'Kolpona bua,' but to save them and yourself some trouble, just go to the nearest grocery store this winter where there are tons of varieties available, and grab your favourite sort and keep yourself stocked up for winter! Do something out of the box, it's time to make a CHANGE!Layer upKeep yourself warm. Winter is that time of the year when we finally get to bring our sophisticated 'fancy' selves out. So why not utilise it? It's easier to control your body temperature than the room temperature, so you might as well keep those extra layers ready! Say goodbye to all the sleeveless, floral attires, and say hello to sweater weather!Set the temperature rightSwitch between hot and cold water, when in the shower. Hot water warms you up immediately, but cold water helps to keep your blood circulation working right, as well as your skin and organs. We're all aware that we usually have a lot of weddings and events to attend during winter, its a MUST especially for women to keep their skin hydrated for all the make-up they have to surface upon and its not easy. So you better eat your fruits, fluids right, and keep that cold shower tap on!Blow the fluCoping with the colds and flu, can be a major factor in winter. Major symptoms include coughing, sneezing, blocked nose, sore throat, and terrible headaches. If these are the symptoms, you should take rest, eat well, and avoid stress. If you have fever, you need to take extra fluids and stay hydrated. We tend to drink less water and avoid any sorts of fluid, and that's where we make the mistake! Your body needs to stay as hydrated as possible during winter to keep your blood circulation flowing right. Germs spread easily during winter so always carry tissue papers. Hands can transfer germs from any surface you touch, so always carry a hand sanitiser to clean your hands after every now and then. CATCH IT, BIN IT, and CLEAN IT!
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