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Eid beauty hacks: Quick fixes for the perfect look

Standing in front of the mirror dressed in that cherished Eid outfit often turns into a fun yet anxious few hours of beauty experiments

Update : 06 Apr 2024, 03:45 PM

The annoying and painful experience of rubbing off and reapplying eyeliner a hundred times is something a lot of us can relate to, especially on occasions as special as Eid.

Standing in front of the mirror dressed in that cherished Eid outfit often turns into a fun yet anxious few hours of beauty experiments. 

The festive day of Eid is when anxiety shouldn’t stand a chance. Hence, let’s look at a few ways to really make the most of this festive day without any kind of worries whatsoever!

Prep time!

Mixing simple household ingredients such as honey and sugar is all you need for a natural and gentle exfoliator. This mixture removes dead skin cells without stripping the skin of its natural oils, leaving your skin smooth and soft.

Throughout the week leading up to Eid, try to mix a few drops of your favorite facial oil with your moisturizer for an instant hydration boost. This enhances the moisturizing effect, especially during dry seasons. 

Start with the perfect canvas

For flawless and long-lasting makeup, it's essential to begin with well-prepared skin. Right after waking up, start the day with a short and easy ice cube facial – simply wrap an ice cube in a soft cloth and rub it all over your face. This helps reduce puffiness, tightens pores, and refreshes your skin. 

If you’re not comfortable with ice, refrigerating used green tea bags will also do the trick. Additionally, the antioxidants in green tea are excellent for rejuvenating the skin. Afterwards, do not forget your skin and lip moisturizer.

Apply some extra moisturizer to the high points of your face where the light naturally hits, such as your cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of your nose.

Try looking for products enriched with Vitamin C, for it stimulates the skin’s production of collagen, increasing skin firmness and elasticity for a plump and hydrated feel. 

Time for the brushes

Makeup is all about enhancing your natural and unique look. If you want light coverage during the day, mix a bit of your liquid foundation with your moisturizer.

This provides lighter coverage and a more natural look, making the day breezier and more comfortable. To cover up the last-minute pimples and blemishes, dab some concealer on those spots.

The Body Shop’s Concealer Vitamin C Light, paired with their Fresh Nude Foundation Light, are great options for the perfect, dewy base. To transform this look into a night glam, simply build up on the base, and you’re set!

Enhance your eyes with natural shades

Opt for eyeshadows in natural or nude shades to add depth to your eyes. A little shimmer on the center of the eyelid can make your eyes pop. For eyeliner, a thin, crisp line or a small wing can add the perfect touch of elegance.

To avoid the cycle of removing and reapplying, first, use tape for the perfect angle. Second, if the liners are uneven, let it be.

Instead of removing the entire thing, use a wet wipe to remove the extra bits or concealer to cover them up. Don't forget to coat your lashes with mascara to open your eyes further.

Eye shadows as eyeliners

If you suddenly find that your eyeliner has dried out, worry not! Use a small, angled brush and wet it slightly. Dip it into your eyeshadow and apply as you would with eyeliner.

This technique can also add a pop of color to your look, as the possibilities are now unlimited. 

If you’re also looking for an easy way to amp up your look towards the evening, a quick smokey eye is the perfect solution.

Simply draw a hashtag symbol at the outer corner of your eyelid with a kohl pencil and blend it out with a brush. This creates an effortless, smudged look that’s perfect for the festive evening.

Add a flush of colour

A hint of color on your cheeks can instantly brighten your face and give you a healthy glow. For the perfect daytime look, use a lip and cheek stain that ensures perfect harmony of colors.

The Body Shop's Lip & Cheek Stain in Sunshine Orange is a great product in this regard.

This adds a natural-looking flush and its lightweight formula blends seamlessly, offering a stain that complements the festive spirit of Eid without overpowering your look. Lastly, never forget to set!

Achieving a flawless look for Eid doesn't have to be time-consuming or complicated. With these simple hacks and the right products, you can create a radiant, natural-looking makeup look that lasts all day.

Remember, the key to perfect Eid makeup is to enhance your features and subtly embrace your natural beauty.

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