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Steal the style: Cam-den special

Update : 10 May 2017, 07:44 PM
We’d like to call this the cam-den special because it’s a mix of camouflage and denim wear. On top of that, you won’t have to break bank either with this uber-cool outfit for the summer.

Top layer denim

Finding yourself a denim shirt that stands out from the rest may not be easy, with certain blemishes, holes and such, but finding one of modern-cut is the ultimate goal here. Just like on Jordan, the traditional design of a denim shirt goes out the window. While you don’t necessarily have to button the shirt up, you have to wear it with ease and confidence. And don’t forget to wear a simple t-shirt underneath, douche-ness is not allowed. We’re trying to keep things classy and casual.

Bottom layer camo

Here’s the slight twist, differentiating from Jordan’s outfit. His look contains cargo pants, fitted pants to be exact. The hemline drops at the right length, showing off his complimenting sneakers. The difficult part is that not too many men can pull off the fitted cargo; opting for some camo trousers (that you can find at Noir) would be a pretty good idea. Keep in mind, the contrast between the bottom and denim shirt has to look flattering. And as usual, make sure it’s fitted. The reason you want to make sure that the trousers is a snug yet comfortable fit is because the tailored look projects a more flattering silhouette. Each pant-leg also drops at the right length, leaving room to show off a little ankle if you prefer.  michael-b-jordan-hangs-out-at-the-bowery-hotel-after-met-gala-2017-01

The kicks

Noir also provides low-top camo sneakers that are ideal for an outfit like this. However, don’t limit yourself to sticking to the same prints or designs. As seen on Jordan, the new Nike Lunarepic Low Flynit sneakers rounds up the ridiculously simple and cool, casual look. The whole idea is to find a similar shade to the cargo pants, which ultimately separates the bottom-half from the top-half of the look. Cross-trainer hybrids are a plenty so you’ll have plenty of options to try out before purchasing them. Taking a step back, you can always play it safe and go with an all-white sneakers combination. Most likely, it’ll have to play nicely with your simple white t-shirt and the light-washed denim shirt on the top.


The camo backpack and round-frame Ray-Ban shades are top choice for Mr Jordan on this particular day. Substituting the backpack with any other bag might be a little tricky. Keep things within the overall aesthetics, stick to the backpack or a holdall bag. A camo-print bag might be a little too much for you, so substitute it with an all-black bag. It’ll keep in line with the overall look, while adding a touch of sophistication. We won’t pass over the fact he’s also rocking a sweet, urban chain and earrings. Not to mention the tight braids. Relax, no one expects you to pull the extra bits off, we’re focusing more on the main items in the outfit. Make things work for you, just like choosing the correct framed sunglasses that go best with your face shape. There’s nothing too flashy or bold when it comes to this particular pair of sunglasses. The frames are thin with the right amount of tint. You’ll see Jordan sporting these Ray-Bans quite often, so find the right pair for you and use it as freely as he does.
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