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Saying it is not enough

Update : 06 Mar 2015, 06:53 PM

Entrepreneurs love business -- this line has been heard and misinterpreted by much too many. They do, no doubt, but it is not the rewards (profits) from the act of business they are addicted to; it is the act itself.

There are thousands of people who possess winning ideas of a business but are never able to achieve it and put it into a successful reality, yet referring to themselves are entrepreneurs. They did not have the passion, ambition, and compromising ability required to make it, and are commonly driven by tangible goals -- money, fame, success etc. A real entrepreneur is different and may be distinguished from the rest in three fundamental traits:

The love of business itself

Even when they have millions in their bank account, entrepreneurs will still beat the sun out of the bed and hit the office, and not because they want another million. It’s because they love every aspect of it. They keep moving forward just to push themselves and see how far they can reach, attain self-actualisation, and persist even further. A challenge motivates them, while the profits are seen as how well their businesses are doing, not what they are earning.

On the other hand, many are motivated by the mere idea of being an entrepreneur. The image appeals to them rather than the love of the game.

The willingness to act

There’s a thin line here, but essentially it is the ability to take risks. Now, every entrepreneur has to take risks, but the difference is why they take it. Every failure is seen as a learning experience and cherished. They accept failure and provide rational reasons for why it occurred, and adapt from it.

But when one regrets a failure and looks at it as a bad experience, that’s where he/she fails altogether.

The ability to let go

A nice central office. The title of CEO. Answerable to no one. Flexible hours. These little aspects are what many expect the entrepreneur’s life to be like. But it isn’t! It’s hectic, confusing, difficult, and vague. They have moments of complete insanity switching wildly to miraculous happiness. The idea of sacrificing time, effort, family and friends occurs to them, and they will go the extra mile to balance it. Unlike the superficial dreamers, these choices are always part of the equation for the real entrepreneur.

Simply put, entrepreneurs love what they do, and that makes all the difference in their world. 

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