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10 ways to make staying at home fun for the kids

If you are a parent working from home during this pandemic and have run out of ways to keep your children busy, then this is for you.

Update : 30 May 2021, 05:00 PM

We know what a challenge it has been juggling work and home, all while trying to appease children bored out of their minds from being stuck at home every day. Let’s face it, Disney can only keep them busy for so long before even Elsa starts getting annoying, and your little toddler comes barging into your work hours for entertainment. They’ve already watched and re-watched every movie on the list and no amount of screen-time can keep their fidgety little bodies calm before the crying ensues.

Fear not! We have you covered with five activities you can try with your child to try and bring back those early lockdown days when all seemed like a much needed fun family vacation.

1.    Bring back the routine

It might seem counter-productive having the children conform to a monotonous routine of wake up, eat, play and sleep; however, a routine helps them build familiarity with their day to day life. Knowing what comes after breakfast and when play-time is, they are more likely to be aware of what they want to do instead of aimlessly running to you for help. So sit down with your child and set up a daily schedule. Ask them what they would like to do throughout the day, include chores that might be fun, and bling it up with stickers! Give them control when everything else seems to be out of their hands.

2.    Get them online

By now you probably know more nursery rhymes by heart than what Rihanna’s new song is about, and that’s okay. But there are other ways you can get your children to learn the ABCs and count the 123s by themselves. Get them their own Kid’s YouTube account or sign them up for online classes for children. Set up a daily learning session and give them their own little study corner like your home-office, so they may be more inclined to attend the classes and learn. The key is to make them feel more “adult” and make learning fun!

3.    Take up a new hobby

After a certain time, even TV becomes boring. So when that happens, introduce your child to new hobbies. Make them take up a new activity that involves the use of hands. Not only are activities using hands more fun and engaging, it actually stimulates their brains enough to make learning faster and builds better motor skills. Also, let’s face it, children Love making a mess, so what better way to let them unleash their creative Picasso than a dedicated hands-on painting session?

4.    Have a dedicated bonding time

Coddling your child can make them needy and dependent while leaving them to their own wills may make them hungrier for attention. So what should you do? Make distraction-free time for your children and bond over a shared activity. It can be before bedtime where you can spend an hour reading them stories, or during playtime when you can join for a game of hide and seek, or have regular movie-nights on Thursdays with pizza, popcorn, and a tub of ice-cream. Planned activities with your child helps them look forward to bonding time instead of yearning for your attention throughout the day.

5.    Get a furry little friend

Nothing teaches children compassion and kindness than being responsible for a helpless animal. In a time when they have to stay locked indoors away from friends and other family, a furry little animal can provide more warmth and love than you can imagine. Not only do children learn to love anew, but they also learn how to treat those more helpless with kindness, respect and love. And at a time when helpless animals are wandering the streets alone and hungry, you will be both saving a life and giving your child a friend of a lifetime!

6.    Bring out the board games

This might be the perfect opportunity to bring out the long-lost ludo boards that had been collecting dust all this time, and spend a good few hours rolling the dice for a chokka! Not only are board games the perfect nostalgia trip for almost every Bengali household, but they’re easily the best way to spend some quality time with family. And let’s face it, ludo and various other board games are also a great way to teach the little ones to think critically and strategize to save their pakaguti from being eaten the looming competition!

7.    Give them their first book

This may sound counterproductive since most children nowadays hate the idea of reading when they can simply scroll, but what if it was fun? Instead of making it a chore, tell them about the adventures of The Famous Five, or the mystery solving girl named Nancy Drew, or the horrors of Goosebumps that never seem to end. Classics are a great way to introduce your children to reading as they both short and easy to read. Books also help children learn new words, help with their creative thinking, and in the end open their life to a world of endless possibilities and realities.

8.    Exercise!

Yes, you read it right. Exercise might be a good way for you to get on track yourself. It helps the kids expend all their pent-up energy while staying in shape and getting tired enough for a good night’s rest. Exercise also builds routine that may help both you and your child stay on track for a healthy lifestyle.

9.    Learn a new skill

Children are like sponges, the more you teach, the more they’ll learn. So, take complete advantage of their fresh eyes and clean slates to teach them a new skill! It can be learning to play an instrument or even a new language. Simply look through the thousand different YouTube tutorials to find the one you like and stick through the lessons. There are also numerous apps on the store that also teach language through clear guided instructions along with tests in the end. Take your pick, the world is your oyster!

10.    Teach them important survival skills

This might be a good time to start on those life lessons we realize too late that we should have learnt. Starting from how to sew on a button to how to cook and clean, teaching children the basic life lessons are a good way to teach them about being self-sufficient while also breaking gender stereotypes from a very early age. If children are learning early on that work is simply work regardless of what gender they are, they are less likely to be swayed by social stigma and more likely to advocate themselves.

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