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7 easy ways to keep your dog well-groomed this season

Update : 02 Jan 2017, 05:07 PM
If you own or have a dog in your life, you are considered blessed. All they want is to shower their masters with love and affection, and ask so little in return. As the wintry days get colder, your little furry friend needs extra attention. Here are some simple tips to keep your dog clean, well-groomed and well taken care of during this season.Regular baths: Don't skip the baths, whether they are scheduled once a week or once a month. Ideally, dogs do not need to be bathed more than once a month, but many dog owners make it a habit to have their pets bathed and cleaned more often. Stick to the schedule, and feel free to add lukewarm water and apple cider vinegar to it while you're at it. Not only will they keep the flees at bay, the vinegar will help keep the coat sleek and fresh.Dry shampoo: If you feel that bathing your dog once a month will suffice, but still want to get rid of that sweaty smell after play time every day, dry shampoo will come in handy. Sprinkle a little bit of it on its coat and brush it in.Shedding: Different breeds shed differently, which can easily be taken care of by brushing their coats. Get a soft bristled comb or brush, especially manufactured for their delicate fur and brush them regularly. It helps stop shedding, prevents tangles and keep them clean.Trim it: Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Lhasa and many other breeds are meant to survive in cold weather because of their long furry coats. Which is why, a humid place like Bangladesh could easily get them worn out if they are not trimmed on a regular basis—once a month usually does the trick.Nails: Dogs, as adorable as they are, think they are capable of digging into anything and everything. More often than not, they tend to scratch on hard surface which pretty much takes care of getting their pointy nails filed. But if they're careless, they could end up getting their nails broken which even may lead to infections. So it's always wise to clip them once every fortnight.Dental hygiene: Give your dog a toothbrush and watch him chew on it for hours, they love that stuff. You can add pet toothpaste or even a little bit of edible baby toothpaste to it. Hint: Just read the label on the toothpaste carefully and cross check it with the information on the Internet to make sure there's no ingredient/chemical that could potentially be toxic for your dog. Another alternative method to cleaning your pet's teeth is to wipe them with a cotton pad, dabbed with some baby toothpaste on it.Diet: Just like you, your dog is what they eat. Dog food is an option that most pet owners turn to, but they can get quite mundane after a while. Homemade food on the other hand can do wonders in terms of providing your dog with proper nutrition and vitamins. Do some research and find out what you can feed your breed and experiment with different recipes from time to time. You can mix chicken with potatoes and carrots for example, or even fish with a little bit of ginger and rice. However, steer clear of salt, pepper, oil or any other spice for that matter, they could be disastrous for your pet. Also, remember to always keep your dog hydrated. Winter or not, they should always have access to a bowl of clean water at all times.
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