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Potato price drop by Tk10 per kg in a day after govt decides to import

  • Every shop had ample supply of local potatoes
  • Customers express satisfaction
Update : 03 Feb 2024, 02:13 PM

To maintain a normal supply of potatoes and control prices in the country's market, the government has permitted the import of essentials from India. As a result, the price of local potatoes has decreased by Tk10 to Tk11 per kg within a day in Dinajpur.

A ground visit to Hili market on Friday revealed that every shop had an ample supply of local potatoes, leading to a slight decrease in prices within one day. The domestic potatoes, which were sold at Tk35 to Tk40 per kg on Thursday, are now priced at Tk24 to Tk30 on Saturday. With the decrease in prices, there has been an increase in sales, meeting the demand of buyers.

Liton Hossain, a customer at Hili market, expressed that he hadn't seen such potato prices in the last 10 years.

Previously, due to low supply, prices had soared to Tk60-70, making it difficult for poor people to afford. Although new domestic potatoes are emerging, the prices have not decreased significantly.

He mentioned buying potatoes at Tk35 to Tk40 per kg on Friday, and on Saturday the price has dropped to Tk24 to Tk30 per kg.

Nurul Hossain, another buyer at Hili market, mentioned the shift in prices from Tk35 to Tk40 on Friday to Tk24 to Tk30 per kg on Saturday. The prices dropped by Tk10 per kg after the news of allowing potato imports from India spread. He questioned whether it was a syndicate or another factor influencing the prices.

Potato seller Monirul Islam explained that the potato market is primarily dependent on supply. Prices naturally decrease when supply increases, and vice versa. As the potato season begins, potatoes are emerging from fields in almost all regions, resulting in decreasing prices over the past few days.

Shahidul Islam, a potato importer at Hili land port, shared that potato prices tend to be high during the peak season. The government's decision to allow potato imports aims to maintain a normal supply in the country and control prices.

Shahidul has obtained permission to import 2,000 tons of potatoes and completed all processes in the bank. Although banks were closed on Friday and Saturday due to public holidays, he plans to start importing as soon as he opens the LC on Sunday.

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