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Malaysian auto brand Perodua now officially in Bangladesh

It might not be as well known as other car makers but it's a new addition to the affordable and efficient car market

Update : 20 May 2024, 12:02 PM

A new addition to the car market is coming this month with the introduction of Perodua vehicles brought to you by PHP Motors. This strategic partnership aims to assemble and market Perodua’s lineup, which includes the Aruz, Bezza, MYVI, and Axia, catering to the diverse preferences and needs of Bangladeshi consumers. 

PHP Motors, having previously collaborated with Proton, now embarks on a new journey with another Malaysian brand, Perodua. It is Malaysia's first and biggest Energy-Efficient Vehicle (EEV) manufacturer leveraging its advanced technology and robust market presence to capture a substantial share in the local market. But let’s see what the cars being introduced has to offer:

Perodua ARUZ: The 1500cc 7-seater SUV

The Perodua ARUZ is a versatile and spacious seven-seater SUV, designed to meet the needs of larger families and those who require extra seating capacity. Equipped with a 1500cc engine, the Aruz combines power and efficiency, making it suitable for both city driving and long-distance travel. Its features include advanced safety systems, ample legroom, and a modern infotainment setup, ensuring a comfortable and secure ride for all passengers.

Perodua ARUZ

However, the larger size may be challenging for city parking and a higher price point compared to smaller vehicles in the lineup, even though the price point has not yet been set. 

Perodua Bezza: The 1329cc Sedan

The Perodua Bezza is a compact sedan known for its affordability, reliability, and fuel efficiency. Powered by a 1329cc engine, the Bezza is ideal for city commutes and offers a comfortable driving experience with its smooth handling and practical features. Its design focuses on maximizing interior space while maintaining a sleek and modern exterior.

Perodua Bezza

Some of its downsides are its limited power compared to larger sedans and the infotainment system seems a bit too basic in the standard model.

Perodua MYVI: The 1500cc hatchback

The Perodua MYVI is a popular hatchback that combines style, performance, and practicality. With a 1500cc engine, the MYVI delivers a spirited driving experience, making it a favourite among young drivers and small families. The hatchback design provides ample cargo space, while its compact size ensures easy manoeuvrability in urban environments. It has a sporty design with good cargo capacity.


However, the rear seat space might feel cramped for taller passengers and is rumoured to have a higher price compared to entry-level hatchbacks.

Perodua Axia: The 1000cc hatchback

The Perodua Axia is the most economical option in the lineup, featuring a 1000cc engine that promises excellent fuel economy and low running costs. Ideal for budget-conscious buyers, the Axia offers practicality and efficiency, making it perfect for city driving and daily commutes. Its compact size ensures easy parking and navigation through congested urban streets.

These kinds of cars are usually affordable with good value for money and very easy to drive and park in crowded areas.

Perodua Axia

Perodua’s entry into Bangladesh

PHP Motors' partnership with Perodua marks a new milestone in Bangladesh’s automotive industry. By assembling and marketing Perodua vehicles locally, the local conglomerate aims to cater to the growing demand for reliable and affordable cars. The launch event held in Dhaka showcased four models: the Aruz, Bezza, MYVI, and Axia, with further plans to introduce the remaining Perodua models shortly.

Strategic implications and prospects

Mohammed Akther Parvez, the managing director of PHP Motors, highlighted the strategic importance of this partnership, emphasizing the superior Japanese technology utilized by Perodua and its dominant market position in Malaysia. With a production capacity of 1,200 units per year and the ability to assemble 36 cars daily, PHP Motors is well-equipped to meet local demand. The establishment of service centers in Dhaka and Chittagong is likely to further enhance customer support and accessibility.

The introduction of Perodua vehicles in Bangladesh through PHP Motors promises to bring more international brands into the local automotive market by offering a range of vehicles that balance performance, affordability, and modern features. The Aruz, Bezza, MYVI, and Axia cater to various segments, ensuring that there is a Perodua vehicle for every type of buyer. With strong support from both PHP Motors and Perodua, this collaboration is poised to achieve significant success and reshape the future of Bangladesh’s automobile industry, and maybe with all the imported technology, Bangladesh will soon become a car manufacturing nation.

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