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Why do people in Dhaka love to go to restaurants?

Restaurants became havens where people could reconnect with loved ones over delicious meals in a cozy setting

Update : 09 May 2024, 11:11 PM

In recent years, Dhaka has seen an increase in new restaurants popping up all over the city. Entire streets like Dhanmondi, Banani, Khilgaon, Mirpur 60 feet, and Bailey Road have transformed into bustling foodie havens. 

Dhaka residents have gradually developed a liking for dining out, whether it's for a special family occasion, a casual catch-up with friends or blame it on the lack of activities. 

Restaurants have become more than just places to eat; they're now hubs for social gatherings, offering spaces for people to connect and unwind.

Despite this, finding quality hangout spots with the right ambience remains a challenge in Dhaka. Few places offer engaging activities for groups. 

The restaurant scene boomed even more after the pandemic, as Covid-19 forced people into long periods of quarantine. Once restrictions were lifted, city dwellers were eager to escape their homes and indulge in outdoor activities. 

Restaurants became havens where people could reconnect with loved ones over delicious meals in a cozy setting. After all, who doesn't enjoy spending quality time with friends and family while savouring good food?

Why do people flock to restaurants? 

Well, it's all about the food. Despite the potential cost, the allure of restaurant dining lies in the culinary creations crafted by skilled chefs. These dishes are the result of years of training and dedication, promising the perfect flavour experience.

Beyond just avoiding the hassle of cooking at home, dining out offers a welcome break. 

Whether it's before or after shopping, catching a movie, or going on an excursion, people cherish the extra time spent enjoying a meal at a restaurant.

Restaurants also serve as prime spots for celebrating life's milestones, from anniversaries to promotions. They provide the perfect setting for socializing, offering delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere where you can enjoy quality time with loved ones.

In Dhaka, finding a place to socialize in a pleasant ambience is a challenge. Additionally, group activities are scarce, making dining out the go-to choice for fun and relaxation with friends and family. That's why new restaurants seem to be popping up left and right, catering to every taste and budget, from cozy local eateries to upscale dining establishments.

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