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Minister Group's story of sustainable success through its commitment to corporate responsibility

"We ensure quality through rigorous checks at every production stage, adherence to ISO standards, feedback integration, and collaboration with reputable suppliers offering warranties for customer confidence," says the company's executive director

Update : 28 Mar 2024, 02:39 PM

In an exclusive interview with Dhaka Tribune’s Tanveer Mohiuddin, the Executive Director of Minister Group, Shamsudoha Shemul discusses the company's journey, challenges, and strategies for growth in Bangladesh's electronics market, emphasizing innovation, sustainability, and international expansion.

Can you share with us the journey of Minister Group from its inception to its current position as a leading manufacturer of electronic products in Bangladesh?

Minister Group started in 2002 with just five employees, focusing on black-and-white TV production. Despite challenges like the Covid-19 lockdown and currency fluctuations, we've grown steadily, supported by the government's initiatives and our commitment to quality.

As Minister Group aims for further growth and expansion, how do you plan to maintain the balance between innovation and sustainability within your product development strategies?

We prioritize eco-friendly innovation, encouraging our team to develop products that meet customer needs while benefiting the environment. By using sustainable materials and methods, we ensure our growth aligns with environmental responsibility.

With the increasing importance of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, how does Minister Group integrate these principles into its operations and long-term business strategies?

We're committed to sustainability and social responsibility by choosing eco-friendly materials, supporting local communities, and maintaining ethical standards throughout our operations. Transparency and feedback help us continuously improve our impact.

Given the rapid advancements in technology, how does Minister Group stay ahead of the curve in terms of research and development to ensure your products remain competitive in the market?

We invest significantly in research and development, employing skilled professionals to explore new technologies and improve existing products. Our dedication to innovation and market awareness keeps us competitive.

Could you provide some insights into the ways the Minister Group is working to achieve the goal of enhancing after-sales service?

We offer 24/7 support centres and over 500 service points to assist customers. Thorough staff training, prompt responses, and quality checks ensure we deliver exceptional after-sales service, building lasting relationships.

Expansion into international markets can be challenging. What are some key considerations and strategies the Minister Group is employing to successfully enter and establish a presence in new geographical regions?

Thorough market research, strategic partnerships, customization to local preferences, compliance with regulations, and exceptional customer support are our priorities for international expansion. And to expand internationally, we need to make sure we provide the right quality.

We ensure quality through rigorous checks at every production stage, adherence to ISO standards, feedback integration, and collaboration with reputable suppliers offering warranties for customer confidence.

To cater to the changing market trends and reach a wider range of customers locally, we've embraced e-commerce platforms, digital marketing, omnichannel approaches, and logistical enhancements to reach wider audiences efficiently, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

What are your personal goals and visions for Minister Group's future growth and development?

Among my personal goals and visions, there is an aim for expansion, innovative products, environmental care, team growth, customer satisfaction, financial stability, and international recognition, targeting a significant market share by 2026.

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