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Walton aims for global electronics manufacturing dominance

"Walton focuses on innovation, evident in our adoption of AIoT in smart refrigerators. With features like IoT control through smartphones and AI-based MSO inverter technology, we prioritize energy efficiency and attractive design in our products," says the CBO of Walton Refrigerator

Update : 28 Mar 2024, 03:06 PM

In an exclusive interview with Dhaka Tribune’s Tanveer Mohiuddin, the Chief Business Officer of Walton Refrigerator, Tofail Ahmed highlights the company's plan for global expansion, focusing on its vision to become a leading global electronic brand and its efforts to manufacture products aligned with the standards of developed nations.

Walton has been expanding its brand business into new countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Could you provide insights into the company’s expansion strategy and how it aligns with Walton’s long-term objectives?

Walton envisions becoming a top global electronic brand. We've set a roadmap with short, mid, and long-term planning. Establishing subsidiaries and offices in various countries, especially in the USA and Europe, is part of our strategy. Additionally, we've established a Research and Innovation (R&I) centre in South Korea to tailor our products to the standards and preferences of developed nations.

Could you elaborate on Walton's efforts to manufacture products according to the standards of developed countries like Europe and America? How does this contribute to Walton's global competitiveness?

In response to rapid technological changes and evolving consumer preferences, we've established South Asia's largest R&I centre. Our team of skilled engineers from diverse backgrounds conducts extensive research to develop products that meet the highest standards and preferences of developed nations. This focus has led us to unveil AIoT-based smart refrigerators with advanced features, enhancing our global competitiveness.

Walton has attained a significant market share in Bangladesh’s electronics industry, particularly in refrigerators. What key factors have contributed to Walton's success in establishing such a strong presence in the market?

Walton's success in Bangladesh stems from our commitment to providing high-quality products at affordable prices. By manufacturing energy-efficient appliances with advanced features, tailored to the needs of all consumer segments, and offering excellent after-sales services, we've gained the trust of Bangladeshi consumers.

At present, Walton grabbed a lion's market share in the domestic refrigerator market. Currently, the market share of Walton Television is around 32%. Walton AC and home appliances market share is around 30%.

Walton showroom

Walton offers a diverse range of products. Could you discuss the company’s approach to product diversification and how it enhances Walton's overall competitiveness?

Initially focusing on refrigerators, we expanded our product range to meet various consumer needs. By diversifying into air conditioners, televisions, washing machines, and more, we've reduced import dependency and strengthened our market presence, contributing to our overall competitiveness.

The Giantech series represents a leap in technical excellence, offering features like multimedia displays, IoT control, and germ terminator technology. This series exemplifies Walton's commitment to innovation and enhancing customer satisfaction.

As a Bangladeshi brand, what strategies has Walton employed to effectively compete with both domestic and international competitors in the electronics sector?

Walton's strategies include producing energy-efficient appliances with innovative features, using eco-friendly materials, and ensuring durability. By continuously innovating and considering global demand and preferences, we compete effectively both domestically and internationally.

Can you elaborate on how Walton incorporates advanced technologies into its products, particularly in refrigerators?

Walton focuses on innovation, evident in our adoption of AIoT in smart refrigerators. With features like IoT control through smartphones and AI-based MSO inverter technology, we prioritize energy efficiency and attractive design in our products. By using technologies like inverter compressors and energy-efficient structural design, coupled with consumer-centric features, we cater to the specific needs of Bangladeshi consumers.

Walton has invested significantly in manufacturing plants within Bangladesh. What are the advantages of domestic manufacturing, and how does it contribute to Walton's broader goals and objectives?

Domestic manufacturing not only creates jobs and boosts economic development but also enables us to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices. By investing in research and innovation, Walton contributes to transforming Bangladesh into a hub for high-tech consumer electronics manufacturing.

What are your thoughts on government policies supporting the electronics sector in Bangladesh, and how does Walton plan to sustain its growth and innovation?

Government support has been instrumental in our success, allowing us to revolutionize the electronics sector. Moving forward, Walton remains committed to innovation and sustainability, leveraging our R&I centre and responsive manufacturing to sustain growth and meet evolving consumer needs.

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