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Coca-Cola launches 100% recycled PET bottles in Bangladesh

When PET plastic bottles are recycled and recycled material is used to turn old bottles into new bottles, PET bottles can have a lower carbon footprint than some other types of packaging

Update : 22 Dec 2022, 04:47 PM

Coca-Cola Bangladesh is taking a meaningful step towards supporting a circular economy by introducing bottles made from 100% recycled PET plastic (rPET), excluding caps and labels, across the country. 

When PET plastic bottles are recycled and recycled material is used to turn old bottles into new bottles, PET bottles can have a lower carbon footprint than some other types of packaging, reads a press release.

The new rPET packaging for Coca-Cola's Kinley water bottles is available in 2-liter packages with plans to expand to all other Coca-Cola products and sizes.

Each bottle has an exclusive label with a powerful and simple message, “Made from 100% recycled plastic.” This announcement is a significant step for the Coca-Cola system in Bangladesh to grow its circular economy vision and help reduce plastic pollution. 

The safety of rPET packaging thoroughly complies with The Coca-Cola Company's strict global standards for food-grade rPET packaging as well as the country's local standards.

As a start, consumers can expect the same refreshing taste of Coca-Cola's products in a more sustainable package in all retail outlets. 

Ta Duy Tung, Managing Director of Coca-Cola Bangladesh said: “Plastic waste management has become a huge issue globally and the availability of Coca-Cola beverages in recycled PET bottles is in support of a circular economy in Bangladesh. To achieve this, it is critical we have enough supply of food-grade recycled plastic to meet demand.” 

He further added: “This is why together with our bottling partners, the Coca-Cola system in Bangladesh is investing in the collection and recycling of PET plastic bottles. It is our ambition is to help collect and recycle the equivalent of all the plastic bottles we bring to the market.”

The Coca-Cola Company has a global World Without Waste vision to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle and can it sell by 2030. But it's not just about collecting and recycling bottles, it's also about using less virgin material per bottle. 

As such, the company has a global goal to use at least 50% recycled content in its packaging by 2030. 

ASM Mohiuddin Monem, Additional Managing Director of Abdul Monem Limited, the bottler of Coca-Cola in Bangladesh mentioned: “PET plastic bottles have value beyond their first use. Our new bottles made with food-grade rPET are recyclable and can become another bottle. Recycled PET is a big move in the right direction and is aligned with the Department of Environment's multi-sectoral National Action Plan for Sustainable Plastic Management. Abdul Monem Ltd.  is proud to be pioneering this sustainability initiative as a part of the Coca-Cola System in Bangladesh.” 

To build awareness and encourage action on recycling in Bangladesh, Coca-Cola Foundation is partnering with SR Asia and Cordaid Bangladesh, to collect waste plastic bottles and strengthen the waste management system, in Dhaka South City Corporation and Dhaka North City Corporation respectively. 

In the past, Coca-Cola Foundation has partnered with BRAC for project Bondhon, which improved the lives of waste workers.  

The Coca-Cola Company now offers 100% rPET bottles in more than 30 markets around the world.

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