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How Coke boycott helped Mojo donate 1.5C to Palestine

Mojo's Palestine Support campaign has experienced a remarkable 30% increase in sales growth since its inception

Update : 02 Feb 2024, 05:19 AM

The boycott of certain brands including Coca-Cola following the Isreal-Gaza war, had many people looking to contribute to the relief effort in Palestine while finding an alternative to the most popular fizzy drink. 

Economic activism has taken a center stage in the war. Bangladeshi consumers too are putting their money where their mouth is. A notable shift is occurring in the country's soft drink market, with Bangladeshis increasingly favoring domestic beverage brands over other international options. 

Mojo  produced by Akij Food and Beverage Ltd, has emerged as the preferred choice, with her campaign to donate to Palestine directly. The campaign is called "Mojo Support Palestine." 

For each purchase, Tk1 is dedicated to supporting Palestine's development. As a testament to the solidarity by Bangladeshis, Mojo has already contributed Tk1,50,000,00 for the Palestinians through this campaign.

The noteworthy sum includes Tk1 crore from the company's fund and Tk50 lakh generated from the sales of the Mojo Support Palestine campaigning. As of 6:45 pm on February 1, Tk28.44 crore more has been deposited in the fund. 

A shopkeeper in the Japan Garden City area of Mohammadpur, Md Mahbub, told the Dhaka Tribune that customers have been actively seeking Mojo over traditional choices like Coke and Pepsi in recent days. Even sales of mineral water from foreign companies have witnessed a decline.

Discussing the sudden shift in soft drink preferences, Rakib Ahsan (pseudonym) shared: "I used to exclusively buy Coke and Pepsi for my daughter in the past. However, following the attacks on innocent Palestinians, I made a conscious decision to boycott companies that support Israel. Upon coming across Mojo's Palestine Support advertisement, I switched to buying Mojo for my daughter."

He added: "If my Tk1 can be beneficial for any of my helpless brothers anywhere in the world, I'm in favor of it."

This significant support has also contributed to a notable increase in Mojo's sales. 

The Palestine Support campaign by Mojo has witnessed a 30% growth in sales since its inception two months ago. In contrast, popular beverages like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are experiencing a decline in sales, particularly after the implementation of a high turnover tax on the beverage industry in the FY24 budget.

Md Maidul Islam, chief marketing officer of Akij Food and Beverage Ltd, shared insights on the campaign, stating: "We have been receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from people. Mojo's sales have surged by 30% in the last two months. As of now, we have contributed Tk1.5 crore from the proceeds of this sector, along with our own funds, directed through the Palestine High Commissioner posted in Bangladesh."

He further explained: "Prior to launching this campaign, we carefully delineated the donation fields, focusing on providing support for essentials such as food, clothing, shelter, and medicine. In these instances, they have provided us with video footage showcasing how the funds have been utilized, ensuring transparency for our donors."

"Donors can rest assured that their contributions are having an impact. Additionally, I personally visited the Egypt border before the campaign's inception to understand the donation process."

Highlighting the broader purpose of the campaign, he stated: "Supporting the Palestinian people from Bangladesh through this initiative is a humanitarian fundraiser concept. It stands in solidarity with Gaza, dedicated to delivering crucial aid to Palestinian civilians facing persistent challenges. This campaign aims to unite communities, cultures, and hearts, transcending borders in the spirit of global solidarity."


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