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Bangladesh to export 30Gbps bandwidth to Assam

Bangladesh is also exporting 600 Gbps bandwidth to Saudi Arabia with another 1000 Gbps in the pipeline.

Update : 24 Aug 2022, 09:57 PM

After exporting bandwidth to the northeastern Indian state of Tripura, this time Bangladesh is going to export bandwidth to the state of Assam.

An entity operated by the Assam state government, Assam Electronics Development Corporation Limited, has confirmed the import of 30 Gbps bandwidth from Bangladesh.

The issue of bandwidth export from Bangladesh was settled in principle during a meeting on Tuesday, between a delegation from India and Post and Telecommunication Minister Mustafa Jabbar in the minister’s office at the Bangladesh Secretariat.

During the meeting, it was decided to finalize the issue of export by signing the relevant agreement after all the processes are finished by mid-November of the next year, officially stated.

The delegation was led by Kumbamut Lang Nanagari, joint secretary (IT) to the Meghalaya State Government, Md Sahab Uddin, managing director of Bangladesh Submarine Cable Limited, was also present.

Post and Telecommunication Minister Mustafa Jabbar said that Bangladesh has started the third submarine cable connection. Once this is completed, an additional 13,200 Gbps of bandwidth will be connected. 

In addition, 3800 Gbps bandwidth is being connected to the first submarine cable, which means it will be about five times more than the current capacity.

Once the process is completed, the Assam state government will establish a cable connection from Tamabil in Sylhet to Dauki in Meghalaya to Guwahati at its own expense. 

The minister assured the Indian representative that Bangladesh will establish an alternative line to ensure uninterrupted connectivity to Tamabil.

The minister of Posts and Telecommunications also gave the reassurance that there is no issue in exporting bandwidth because Bangladesh has and will have enough to meet its own demands.

Currently, Bangladesh has a demand for 3800 Gbps of bandwidth while the number of data subscribers in the country stands at 130 million, increasing from only 100,00 in 2008, Mustafa Jabbar said.

Bangladesh is also exporting 600 Gbps bandwidth to Saudi Arabia with another 1000 Gbps in the pipeline.

He added that the Indian state of Tripura imports 20 Gbps of bandwidth from Bangladesh. 

Other members of the Assamese delegation were Assam Electronics Development Corporation Limited Manager Shyamal Sarkar, Assam Electronics Development Corporation Limited Consultant CR Deka, and Dipankar Chowdhury.

Joint Secretary (IT) of Meghalaya state of India Kumbamut Nongbari led the Indian delegation during the courtesy call. 

Bangladesh Submarine Cable Ltd managing director Md Shahab Uddin also attended the event.

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