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Fakhrul: Awami League turning country into a police state 

  • He says now everything is determined by the police
  • Says AL could could never be elected by people's vote
Update : 12 Apr 2024, 11:12 PM

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has alleged that the Awami League has turned the country into a police state.

“Now everything is determined by the police. Even they (police) say they have brought the Awami League to power. The Awami League is longer in its character. They are now the Police League,” Fahrul said after visiting the grave of the murdered youth leader named Akram and his family in Haripur of Thakurgaon on Friday afternoon.

By using the police force and state apparatus, this terrible and occupying government has subjugated the entire country, said the BNP leader.

“This Awami League could never be elected by the people's vote. They have always kept their power through intimidation and deception, misleading people. Today we have become exiles in our own country.”

He claimed that Akram was picked up by the police without any reason and beaten to death in custody. “It is a matter of concern about the present condition of the country, where the police torture and kill people in custody. Those who are the protectors have become the guzzlers today.”

Fakhrul also said that this is not the only incident. During the anti-government movement before the election, 30 leaders and activists were killed, and false cases were filed against six million leaders and activists. 

“Besides, around 700-800 leaders and activists became victims of forced disappearance. Around 27,000 of our leaders and workers were detained and arrested after October 28,” said the BNP leader. 

Mentioning that he was arrested and spent three and a half months in prison, the former state minister said: “This government was not elected by the people's vote. So, they have turned the country into a torture camp. 

“A country cannot run like this. We want peace; we want a peaceful and fair election. We want to form a government that will listen to the people of the country.”

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