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Dhaka Tribune

Minister: BNP leaders eat Sehri with Indian beef, wives wear Indian saris

  • He accused BNP of spreading misinformation, propaganda
  • Urged mainstream media to counteract negative narratives
Update : 31 Mar 2024, 04:54 PM

Foreign Minister and Awami League Joint General Secretary Dr Hasan Mahmud accused BNP leaders of boycotting Indian products while indulging in consuming them.

He alleged that they eat piyaju with Indian onions in the evening, Sehri with Indian beef at night, and even their wives wear Indian saris when they go out, contradicting their call for boycotting Indian goods.

He made these remarks at a discussion titled “Role of media in building the image of Bangladesh in the outside world,” organized by the International Relations Reporters Forum Bangladesh at the National Press Club in Dhaka on Sunday.

Hasan criticized the BNP's political stance, stating that their actions do not benefit the country.

Highlighting the negative portrayal of Bangladesh in the international media by certain individuals, he emphasized the detrimental impact such narratives have on the country's image.

He cited instances where negative news about Bangladesh gets amplified domestically, affecting the nation's reputation.

Referring to international incidents, Hasan contrasted the supportive stance of Indian opposition leaders during crises with what he perceived as the BNP's tendency to politicize similar situations.

He accused the BNP of spreading misinformation and propaganda against the country, both domestically and abroad.

Hasan stressed the importance of portraying Bangladesh positively and urged the mainstream media to counteract negative narratives to foster the country's image.

He emphasized that there is no benefit in depicting the country in a negative light and called for concerted efforts to project Bangladesh positively on the global stage.

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