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Quader: BNP stands against religious sentiment throwing program in Ramadan

  • 'BNP's program during the month of Ramadan will cause people's sufferings'
  • BNP doesn't want people's comfort by any means, says Quader
Update : 12 Mar 2024, 09:07 PM

Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader on Tuesday said BNP has taken a stance against the people's religious sentiment and values by declaring to continue program during the month of Ramadan.

"Ramadan is a month of self-restraint. But BNP leaders declared to continue their program in this month. By doing so, BNP took a stance against people's religious sentiment and values," he said in a statement.

Quader said BNP's program during the month of Ramadan will cause people's sufferings.

It means, the BNP doesn't want people's comfort by any means, he said, adding that BNP will further become isolated from people by announcing programme during Ramadan.

He said the BNP has been making their evil attempts to destroy the country's constitutional and democratic trend through their so-called anti-government movement for more than an era.

But the people never responded to their call rather the party has been rejected by the people time and again, he said.

The AL general secretary said BNP has failed to engage people with them through their so-called movement as the party is always doing politics from its anti-people stance. So, it is not possible for BNP to wage a mass-movement, he said.

BNP leaders claimed that they cannot move comfortably but in reality is that they are making falsehood regularly against the government and posing threat to the government, he said.

Actually BNP leaders have been stuck in the quicksand of errors due to their slavery to the leadership of killer, corrupt and money launderer-Tarique Rahman, he said.

Quader said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's government has been working for the wellbeing of the people. The government is making its all-out efforts as the people don't have to face any hassle during the month of Ramadan, he said.

Awami League always stays beside people and it will do so in future too, he said.

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