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Dhaka Tribune

Rizvi: Sheikh Hasina was her own competitor in polls

  • ‘Some are dummies, some are nominated, all are her candidates’
  • Claims PM Hasina is holding Bangladesh hostage
Update : 13 Jan 2024, 09:07 PM

BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi on Saturday said in the election, which he compared to North Korea's model, Sheikh Hasina was her own competitor. 

He also alleged that a one-person rule has been introduced in Bangladesh through an unprecedented dummy election after bulldozing the opposition. 

“If deception, enmity, and lies are considered an art, then Sheikh Hasina is a master craftsman. Bangladesh is now a hostage in her (Sheikh Hasina) hands,” he said at a press conference at the central office in Naya Paltan, Dhaka, on Saturday.

Rizvi said: “Some are dummies, some are nominated, some are with the boat symbol - all are her candidates. Who will pass and who will fail in any constituency was all predetermined. Increasing vote turnout from 28% to 41% of votes is also her formula. The entire country and the world have rejected this latest version of newly-invented Baksal.”

He added: "By using thousands of crores of state funds, the dummy chief election commissioner, who remained inactive, has created a parliament under the guise of an election. They will have to explain this expenditure to the public if a government is formed through elections in the future."

Demanding a new election, Rizvi said: “Not only the democracy-loving people of the country but also the international human rights organizations are now calling for a new election under a neutral government in Bangladesh.”

Regarding party activists living in suffocating conditions in prisons, Rizvi said: “The highest level of oppression has been applied by depriving them of basic human rights. Thousands of leaders and activists, including senior leaders, are living an inhumane life without proper medical treatment in their ill state.'

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