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Razzaque: Ongoing crisis to be addressed through dialogue

  • No alternative to dialogue, he says 
  • No opportunity to go beyond the constitution, says minister 
Update : 30 Oct 2023, 09:13 PM

Awami League Presidium Member Dr Abdur Razzaque said on Monday that the ongoing political crisis of the country will have to be addressed through dialogues.

"Many problems around the world have been solved through dialogue. There is no alternative to dialogue. We have to do that. We also say and think that we have to solve this problem through dialogue,” he said.

Minister Razzaque came up with the remarks while talking to journalists in a meeting held at the secretariat in Dhaka on Monday.

Addressing the BNP’s attitude about the dialogue, he said: "If they (BNP) say that Sheikh Hasina has to resign. They won’t join the election if the government stays and they won’t participate in the election under this election commission (EC). They have said these two things in such a way that they won’t go for the elections under this EC, what will happen by discussing here?”

There is no opportunity to go beyond the constitution to hold the election at this moment. The EC was formed through dialogue. How the election will be held once the EC is no longer, the AL leader put the question before the journalists.

He said there is a constitutional obligation to effectuate the parliament by forming a new government by January 29.

“We are not against the dialogue but dialogue can’t be held keeping its door closed,” he observed.

Asked about three-day blockade called by the BNP-Jamaat, the minister said: “We are trying to face it (blockade) politically at this moment. Law enforcement agencies have”.

Predicating about the participation of the BNP in the election, he said: “I think their (BNP) good sense will emerge in a moment and they will also join the polls. They will not be able to succeed in the movement.”

He threatened that the BNP will be resisted strictly if they go for violence further. There is no country in the world where attacks are made on police and police’s vehicles are burnt.

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