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BNP plans simultaneous movement with other parties in October

Senior BNP leaders said they have been working out strategies to wage the movement, mainly in the capital, to get results with 10-15 days by paralyzing the city

Update : 04 Sep 2018, 10:33 PM

BNP and other opposition parties plan to have simultaneous brief movements in October in demand of the release of Khaleda Zia and other detained activists and leaders before the polls.

They also plan a movement demanding the holding of the next election under non-party administration. 

According to BNP insiders, the party has been preparing to join the 11th parliamentary polls by invigorating its rank and file with the movement, reports UNB.

BNP will form around 40,000 committees based on every polling station in 300 constituencies across the country to foil any attempt to rig votes.

Senior BNP leaders said, their party has been working on strategies to wage the movement, mainly in the capital, and will announce 'harsher' action programs the day the Prime Minister forms a small election-time government to carry out only routine work.

Before launching the movement, the BNP leaders said, they want to take almost all the political parties, now out of the Awami League-led 20-party alliance, into its fold to mount pressure on the government to concede to their demands.

A BNP standing committee member, wishing anonymity, said they have been making a draft of the framework of the national unity with other parties. "We can wage a united or simultaneous movement after coming to an understanding with other political parties."

"Once the election-time government is formed, we think, the current regime will lose its importance, and there'll be a change in the attitude of law enforcers. We will then launch the movement and make it a success in 10-15 days," he said.

The BNP leader said senior leaders of their party will start visiting different districts very soon to give their party grassroots rank and file necessary directions to wag the movement and prepare them for the election.

When contacted, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said there their party has no option other than taking part in the polls following a strong movement. 

"I can tell you we'll surely wage a strong movement, no matter what. Joining the election without a movement will be useless for us. We have a plus point that people are with us. If we can take to the streets, people will spontaneously join us." he added. 

About the national unity with other parties, the BNP secretary general said: "We're in discussions about its framework. I hope, there'll be a national unity."

“Once the national unity is formed,” Fakhrul said, “all the parties may launch simultaneous movements with almost the same demands.”

He also said they have been inspiring their party leaders and activists to take it to the streets braving bullets, arrest and repressive acts.

Fakhrul further said: "Our party leaders and activists will guard every polling center. There'll be a strong directive for our party men not to leave the voting centers under any circumstances."

The BNP leader also thinks the government will not able to hold another January-5 like election. 

BNP standing committee member Moudud Ahmed said movement is the only option for their party to free Khaleda Zia from jail and ensure a credible election under a non-party administration. 

Moudud Ahmed said: "We're getting ready to take to the streets. We must go to polls after freeing Khaleda Zia. We'll carry out the movement to free our leader and establish a non-party neutral election-time government."

BNP standing committee member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy said their party has been taking all-out preparations, both for a strong movement, and the election.

Gayeshwar Chandra Roy said: “BNP's all possible MP candidates have started working in their respective areas to prepare the party leaders and activists so that they can resist vote fraud and rigging by Awami League.”

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