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‘If Khaleda Zia is released, the BNP will resume their violent politics’

Update : 19 Mar 2018, 12:13 AM
The Awami League is refusing to accept the notion that prolonged imprisonment of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia would politically disadvantage the ruling party. A number of Awami League leaders claimed that Khaleda Zia’s imprisonment will not harm the ruling party in any way, but her release from jail could facilitate the BNP’s resumption of violent activities. Speaking to the correspondent, an Awami League policy-maker said: “Khaleda Zia’s release depends entirely on the court. She has been convicted under the existing laws of the country. “There were concerns about sending the BNP chief to prison, but the government managed to do so without any incident.” The leader said: “If Khaleda Zia remains in prison for a long time, the BNP will not be able to do anything. However, If Khaleda gets out of jail, the BNP would claim that the government could not keep their leader imprisoned. “If that happens, that it would reflect badly on the Awami League leaders and activists.”
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Awami League policy makers also believe that if Khaleda Zia remains in jail until the 11th general polls, it would benefit the ruling party. The matter completely depends on the court, but some Awami League members hopes that Khaleda Zia would remain in jail to serve her sentence. Awami League Presidium Member Faruk Khan said: “Khaleda Zia has been convicted and she is serving her jail term on proven charges. Whether she will be released or will remain imprisoned depends on the court’s decision. “However, if she is released now, it could harm the Awami League.” Three leaders, belonging to Awami League presidium and secretary level echoed the same opinion, saying: “The BNP does not have a single leader who could lead the party during polls time. “The political inactivity of the BNP chief will also cause the BNP to remain scattered, which will create political advantage for the Awami League.” Commenting on the issue, ruling party Joint General Secretary Abdur Rahman said: “The BNP believes in the politics of violence. If Khaleda Zia is released, the party will resume their violent politics. “We are seriously concerned about how the BNP will behave if Khaleda gets out of prison.” This article was first published on
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