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Mirza Fakhrul: Govt has killed 500 BNP men in 2 years

Update : 26 Dec 2015, 09:14 PM

The government has shot at least 500 activists of the BNP dead and abducted at least 200 in the past two years, claimed Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, acting general secretary of the BNP, in Dinajpur yesterday.

“This government has installed an undemocratic system in the country… they were trying to establish a one-party state,” Fakhrul said at a public gathering in Neemnagar Busstand area in Dinajpur town around 12pm yesterday. “Newspapers have been shut down, freedom of expression is being oppressed.”

Mirza Fakhrul was in Dinajpur to campaign for BNP’s mayoral candidate Syed Jahangir Alam for the municipal polls later this week.

“We are taking the [municipal] polls as a challenge. We want to come back in a democratic way.”

He further said the BNP intends to stay in the elections until the end. “The BNP boycotted the Dhaka and Chittagong city corporation polls earlier this year because the situation made us do it. But this time we want to stay until the end.”

He said the BNP is taking part in the municipal polls despite many difficulties. “The January 5, 2014 national election was staged. The current ruling party won the majority without any contest, and now they are trying to silence all political activities of their opposition parties.”

Fakhrul also went to Thakurgaon yesterday to campaign for BNP-backed mayoral candidate Raziur Rahman in the district’s Peerganj municipality.

Later, he spoke at a public gathering in Peerganj’s College Bazar area.

“With the municipal elections ahead, the Awami League has started to spread terror across the country. If they are defeated in this election, it is possible to put pressure on them to hold the national elections within a short time. That is why they want to create chaos,” Fakhrul said.

The only way to uproot the one-state rule in the country is through a democratic way, he further said.

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