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Adam Tamizi arrested despite asking PM's forgiveness

  • Tamizi sent to rehab as he seems mentally unstable
  • Tamizi shown arrested in DSA case
  • He says police have shown him respect
  • He tried to burn his own child
Update : 10 Dec 2023, 11:23 PM

Adam Tamizi Haque, the managing director of Haque Group, was not spared from arrest, even though he had asked Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for forgiveness. Detectives arrested him on charges of insulting the state, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, and threatening to kill her.

He was arrested at his house in the Gulshan area of the capital on Saturday night and was sent to rehab for a mental health exam on Sunday.

On November 15, Anisur Rahman, the councillor of Ward 49 of Dhaka North City Corporation and the general secretary of the Dhaka Metropolitan North Swechasebak League, filed a case against Adam Tamizi Haque for insulting Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the Awami League.

Since his arrest, a video uploaded from the Facebook account "News Now Bangla" on November 19 has gone viral on social media.

In the video, this businessman, who has been heavily discussed and criticized recently, is asking for forgiveness from the Awami League president for his actions. Addressing the prime minister as a mother, he said: "The prime minister is my mother. I want to eat rice from my mother's hand. After that, I will leave this country."

What the DB chief says

On Sunday, in his office at Mintu Road, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Detective (DB) Chief Mohammad Harunor Rashid said: "Hearing about businessman Adam Tamizi, it seems that he is mentally unbalanced. We do not know whether he actually has a psychological disorder or not."

The DB chief added: "He has many problems. He has had many marriages. Once he takes one wife and leaves another wife, there are family problems. He has been sent to rehab in police custody. I have been sent to a good psychologist. There are psychologists and drug addicts; they are checking. Everything is fine if he has any problems. If not, if all these activities are motivated, then an investigation will be done to find out if there is anyone else behind all this."

He further said: "If the examination proves that he is mentally unbalanced, then we will not have anything to do. But if not, then we will investigate and find out who else is involved. A case has been registered against Adam Tamizi Haque with the Dakshinkhan police station. Besides, at the Ramna police station, a case has been registered against him. A warrant had already been issued. All together, we made an arrest yesterday."

In a press conference after the arrest, DB chief Harun-or-Rashid said that Tamizi has no history of enmity.

"But suddenly he took to social media to say that his mother is half Israeli, demanding that the Israeli government rescue her. Again, he appealed to the United States Marine Corps to rescue him, who was being held by Bangladesh. In fact, if the Bangladesh government had wanted to stop him, we could have stopped him when he came to the country through the airport. He is doing this kind of madness in the country," he said.

Tamizi may be promoting himself on social media by burning his Bangladeshi passport. "We will try to find out why he is cheering against the government and the state by burning his passport on social media. Meanwhile, he is also accused of colluding with Mian Arafi, the alleged adviser of US President Biden, who was recently arrested."

How DB arrested Tamizi

A team of DB took up position in front of Tamizi's house at 8pm on Saturday. The DB team was on high alert to ensure he did not detect their presence. 

First, they moved other members of the family to a safe area. Later, while he was sitting in the drawing room of his flat on the fourth floor while watching TV, a team of DB detained him. At that time, there was a scuffle with the police.

At one stage, he was brought to the DB office. He was sent to Gulshan's Beacon Point Rehab Centre for treatment at night, as his mental condition did not seem normal there.

A DB official who participated in the operation said Tamizi was very calm after getting into the car. However, he behaved erratically when he was being arrested from his home. When he came to the DB office, he acted more friendly and exchanged greetings with everyone. He is now undergoing treatment at a rehab centre under the supervision of DB police.

'Tamizi also tried to burn his own child'

An officer of the DB said that he had two wives and five children in his Gulshan house at the time of his arrest. No one else was found in the house during the raid. His mother is a British citizen who sometimes visits Bangladesh to see her son. He also has three sisters, who also live in Britain.

On Friday, he went to the airport with the whole family. On the way back home from there, he stopped the car at a CNG station and tried to burn his child, a source said.

After his arrest, he responded to reporters' questions while entering the DB office: "I have been brought to the DB with great respect. I am very happy. I am very happy with the government of Bangladesh."

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