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Dinajpur journalists boycott food minister's campaign

  • Boycott due to non-cooperation, discourteous behaviour
  • Not provided details or announced whether campaign would proceed
Update : 10 Feb 2024, 11:24 AM

Journalists in Dinajpur boycotted the campaign led by Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder, citing reasons such as non-cooperation and discourteous behaviour.

The boycott took place during the food minister's scheduled anti-illegal stocking campaign at 11am on Friday, and a notice of boycott was subsequently given to Dinajpur Press Club.

Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder had planned the campaign against illegal hoarding for 9:30am, and journalists arrived at Dinajpur Circuit House ahead of the scheduled time.

However, when journalists sought information about the operation after the specified time, officials did not provide specific details or announce whether the campaign would proceed.

Around 10:30am, the minister visited the CSD godown, deviating from the original schedule.

Subsequently, at around 11am, he and the officials proceeded to a joint operation in the Ambari area, located around 25km from the city.

Journalists were not informed about the direction of the operation and were not invited to join.

Facing a lack of cooperation, journalists decided to return from the CSD godown and subsequently boycotted all campaigns and related news involving the food minister.

On the preceding Thursday afternoon, journalists were expelled from a discussion meeting with stakeholders to determine rice market conditions at the deputy commissioner's office.

Despite the meeting's scheduled start at 4:15pm, the minister arrived around 6pm, and after collecting pictures for 10 minutes, journalists were asked to leave the meeting.

The minister did not formally address the journalists at the end of the meeting, leaving without answering many questions, which led to expressions of dissatisfaction from reporters.

Dinajpur Press Club General Secretary Golam Nabi Dulal stated that Dinajpur journalists decided to boycott news coverage in protest of the authorities' non-cooperation regarding the food minister's tour schedule.

Consequently, no news related to the food minister will be covered in electronic, print, and local newspapers.

Arman Hossain, general secretary of Dinajpur Television Cameramen Journalists Association, said: “The time given to record video was only 10 minutes during Thursday's discussion meeting. Many journalists could not collect all the pictures so quickly. In the meantime, standing in front of the camera, everyone was thrown out. This is a form of non-cooperation. We were treated uncooperatively and rudely, even on Friday morning.”

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