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Locals rejoice as bridge reconstructed 14 years after Cyclone Aila’s devastation

Communication between the people of the five surrounding villages became easier with the new bridge

Update : 30 Apr 2023, 08:39 PM

After 14 years of Cyclone Aila, people of Pathorkhali in Khulna's Koyra upazila finally rejoiced after a floating bridge was constructed to help people commute from one end of the Pathorkhali canal to another.

The communication was disrupted after the bridge on the canal got destroyed by the cyclone.

A 198 feet long floating bridge has been formed with 70 half litre drums connected with red and green rows of bamboo poles. 

Communication between the people of the five surrounding villages became easier with this bridge.

The bridge has been constructed by Pathorkhali Milni Jubo Sangha. Many people throng to see the bridge every day. It has been built on the Pathorkhali canal in North Bedkashi union of Koyra upazila in Khulna.

Abhijit Mahaldar, president of Pathorkhali Milni Jubo Sangha, said that the construction work of the floating bridge started on March 15.

The construction work was completed at noon on April 2. The bridge has since been opened for traffic. After opening, the eager crowd is gathering there to see the bridge.

Abhijit added that Tk2.07 lakh have been spent to complete the work of the bridge.

Deenbandhu Mandal, general secretary of Pathorkhali Milni Jubo Sangha, said that once there was a bridge over the Pathorkhali canal. The bridge collapsed during Cyclone Aila in 2009. Because of that, there was no other way for people to move on both sides of the canal except by boat. This floating bridge was built to ease people's suffering.

North Bedkashi UP Chairman Sardar Nurul Islam Company said that many people will be able to travel through this floating bridge every day. Local youth will be encouraged for such work. Local people are very happy to get the bridge.

Mahibala Munda of Maherpara village said: “There was no road here to take someone to the hospital if he fell ill. Only the people of this region can understand what was the suffering. The bridge has benefited people a lot.”

Koyra Upazila Nirbahi Officer Md Mominur Rahman said: “The youth of the area collectively built the floating bridge using local technology in a short period of time. This initiative of theirs is definitely a good work. However, steps will be taken to determine whether a bridge can be constructed on the Pathorkhali canal permanently.”

Pathorkhali canal is known as the four-kilometre-long and 220-meter-wide canal through North Bedkashi union of Koyra upazila. There are five villages on two banks of the canal. Villages used to have a bridge for people to move. But the bridge broke during the cyclone. Since then, people used to rely on boats for so long.

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