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Rebuked for Facebook addiction, Madrasa student kills self in Bogra

Suicidal tendencies most noticeable among 13- to 20-year-olds, says recent survey

Update : 22 Oct 2022, 12:23 PM

A madrasa student from Sariakandi in Bogra, who recently sat for Dakhil examination, has committed suicide in shame after his parents rebuked him for Facebook addiction and marathon phone calls.

Deceased Bidyut Akand, 16, is the son of Zahurul Islam Akand from Nijbalail village under Hatsherpur Union. He gave Dakhil exam this year from Islamia Dakhil Madrasa.

Bidyut used to stay up at night talking on the phone and running Facebook. The parents were upset about it and disciplined him on Thursday night.

In shame, he hung from a crossbeam of his room with a noose around the neck, Sariakandi police station Officer-in-Charge Rajesh Kumar Chakraborty said on Friday, quoting family members.

Union Parishad Chairman Noor Mehedi Hasan Alo said that the people of the village told him that Bidyut had committed suicide due to a love affair. His brother died from a lightning strike four years ago.

Suicide among children rising

According to a latest survey, the tendency of suicide is the most noticeable among 13 to 20-year-olds, which is 78.6%. From January to August of 2022, a total of 364 students killed themselves, Anchal Foundation said last month.

Suicide rates among primary and high school students are the highest. A total of 194 students, which amounts to 53.3% of school-goers, committed suicide. 

On the other hand, 76 college students died, registering the second place. As many as 50 university students and 44 madrasa students decided to end their lives during the same period.

Female students continue to outnumber the males in suicides, accounting for 60.71% of all suicides, or 221 people.

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