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Magura police campaign against fancy youth hairstyles

Residents are divided over their opinions regarding the ongoing police campaign

Update : 23 Aug 2019, 04:05 PM

Magura Police have recently started an ongoing campaign against the town's youths sporting "fancy" and "flamboyant" haircuts.

But residents of Magura are divided over their opinions regarding the ongoing police campaign. 

Police, in behalf of the superintendent of Magura police, have hoisted notices at barbershops in Magura, warning the youth against getting any "bold" or "impudent" hairdos.

Additionally, they are holding discussions with barbers and hairdressers, making announcements through loudspeakers and distributing leaflets among locals to create mass awareness against such haircuts. 

Magura Sadar police station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Sirajul Islam said: "We have found a connection between youths leading abnormal lives and engaging in criminal activities. The crime rates have increased. The main objective of our campaign is to encourage adolescents and youngsters in practicing sober and normal lifestyles."

The OC further said: "Wearing flamboyant clothing and sporting unusual haircuts have negative impacts on one's lifestyle. We want to stop youths espousing such lifestyles and return them to normalcy."

Meanwhile, the residents had differing opinions on this topic. 

"Police have taken a very good initiative," Shah Alam, a businessman in Magura town, told Dhaka Tribune. "I believe young people should be guided towards a healthy and regular lifestyle."

But Collegepara resident Nasirul Islam disagreed. 

"It is not possible to identify criminals based on their haircuts," he argued. "Only the proper implementation of laws can help curb crime."

A barber from Collegepara area, Bablu, said: "Majority of the barbers in the area belongs to minority communities. On the other hand, most youngsters either have influential family backgrounds or political connections. We often face a conflict, and police should be aware of this."

Earlier in March, a similar reaction came from the police in Bhuapur upazila of Tangail, with the police fining hairdressers up to Tk40,000 for agreeing to give anyone a "deviant" hairstyle.  

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