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Monstrous bull draws attention in Tangail

Besides lentils and fresh grass, the bull is fed fruits like apple, malta, banana

Update : 03 Aug 2019, 09:38 PM

A 35 maund Shahiwal bull is being reared in the Mohela village of Tangail's Kalihati upazila, where hundreds of people have been flocking to every day, to catch a glimpse of it.

The monstrous black bull, name "Kala Manik," (black ruby) which is around 5ft 9in in length and stands 9ft 10in tall, is expected to be sold by its owner Mostofa for Tk12 lakh by Eid-ul-Azha.

Mostofa, a carpenter (coloring furniture) by profession, bought Kala Manik three years ago for Tk50,000 and has been rearing it ever since.

Mostofa said: "Many people have been visiting our home to take a look at the bull and bargain about the price. My wife and I worked really hard to rear the bull. We hope the bull will sell for Tk10-12 lakh.

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"If we fail to sell it from our home, it will be on display at the Narayanganj cattle market two or three days prior to Eid. With the money earned, I will buy some more cattle, and spend the rest on a better education for my sons." 

Rashida Begum said: "Every day we feed the bull various types of lentils, maize, and fresh cut grass. We also feed it fruits like apple, malta and banana. The total food bill for the bull is Tk600 per day.

She added that the bull is bathed two or three times a day and a fan was set up for ventilation in the cowshed.

Some people have come to see the bull, said the couple who worked really hard to raise it, and   they should get a fitting price for the effort.

A few days ago, Nilufar Begum, the owner of  a 25 maund Friesian bull named "Kala Pahar" (black mountain) in Rajbari's Pangsha upazila, said she expects to sell her bull   for Tk20 lakh by Eid.

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