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Dhaka Tribune

Why so many recent fires?

Update : 17 Mar 2017, 02:17 AM
There has been a recent spate of fires erupting not only in Dhaka but all over the country which experts say is a result of unplanned urbanisation and a lack of adherence to following the National Building Code when constructing new buildings. In just 2016 alone, 16,857 incidents of fire were reported across the country killing 152 people. Dhaka itself saw 3,020 incidents last year. From January to February, incidents of 1,845 fires were recorded by Fire Service and Civil Defence all over Bangladesh.3222 Source: Fire Service and Civil Defence The estimated financial loss from fires last year was Tk240.43 crore according to Fire Service and Civil Defence According to Fire Service and Civil Defence Director Maj AKM Shakil Newaz the recent upsurge in incidents of fires can be attributed to a lack of awareness and negligence when buildings are built in the cities.5555 Source: Fire Service and Civil Defence “Most people do not follow the National Building Code to construct a highrise building and also do not bother do not get the certificate as assurance of fire safety from the Fire Service or install fire safety tools in the building,” said electrical and electrical engineering teacher at Buet Prof Mahbubur Rahman. “Preventing fires in slums is also possible if there were built in an organised manner which can with less hazardous materials,” he added. Fire safety is a major issue in the RMG factories in Bangladesh. Prof Ishtiaq Ahmed of Buet thinks industrial fire accidents can be prevented by taking adequate safety measures.
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