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Cox’s Bazar MP Shaimum manhandles his old teacher in public

Update : 16 Jan 2018, 07:46 PM
Awami League MP Shaimum Sarwar Kamal has manhandled a schoolteacher in public at Joyariyanala in Ramu, Cox’s Bazar reportedly over a rivalry with the latter’s son. Ratnagarva Rizia Ahmed High School teacher Sunil Kumar Sharma faced the wrath of the Cox’s Bazar 3 lawmaker, who was once a student of the veteran teacher, at the local bazar on Sunday afternoon. According to witnesses, Shaimum had slapped and manhandled Sunil by holding him by his panjabi’s neckline and throat, while using abusive language and threatening the teacher’s son. Lamenting the incident, Sunil told the Dhaka Tribune that he was on his way home around 1:30pm when the MP approached him at Joariyanala Bazar. Shaimum was there to inaugurate a development project adjacent to the bazar. “He told me, ‘Your son Sujon is after me. Tell him to be careful. Otherwise, I will make him disappear,’” said the teacher. However, Shaimum physically assaulted Sunil protested his verbal abuse and reminded the MP that he was once his teacher. Even though there were many people at the scene, no one tried to stop the ruling party leader. Before leaving, Sunil said Shaimum had told him to warn his son Sujon Sharma, who is the general secretary of Dhaka-based organization Ramu Samity. The MP could not be reached over phone for comments on the matter despite repeated attempts. Sources said Shaimum has a rivalry with Sujon over establishing dominance in the organization. Last week, both Sujon and Shaimum had a heated argument following difference of opinion at a meeting held over an annual event of Ramu Samity slated for Friday. Condemning the MP’s behaviour with his father, Sujon said: “Shaimum wants to assume full control of the organization. But we will not let that happen. All of us built this organization together.” Meanwhile, However, Shaimum’s elder brother and Ramu upazila Awami League President Sohel Sarwar said the “unacceptable” incident had tarnished the party’s image. Local leaders at a meeting on Monday also criticized the lawmaker’s actions and even agreed to notify the party chief, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, about the matter.
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