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Prosecution seeks capital punishment for Mobarak

Update : 19 May 2014, 09:32 PM

The prosecution of the trial of alleged razakar commander Mobarak Hossain alias Mobarak Ali ended their part of the closing arguments yesterday, seeking death for the accused for the crimes against humanity he committed in Brahmanbaria during the 1971 Liberation War.

At the end of argument session, prosecutor Md Shahidur Rahman said: “We think we have been able to prove all the five charges brought against the accused beyond reasonable doubt and we are pleading for maximum punishment for him.”

He made arguments for documentary evidence and for legal arguments. The International Crimes Tribunal 1 appreciated the way he placed the new charge of genocide for the first time against Mobarak.

He said charges number two and five might fulfil the gravity of genocide “if we can prove that the accused committed the crime against a particular group.” The prosecution mentioned the group should be “pro-liberation.”

Shahidur argued for the first three charges on Sunday and the remaining two yesterday. Later, senior prosecutor Syed Haider Ali took part in the arguments. He charged the accused for being in command, based on some depositions of witnesses where they claimed that the accused had been the leader of a concentration camp.

On charge three – occupying Anandamoye Kali Bari, vandalising two idols and renaming it as “Razakar Manjil,” – the senior prosecutor said: “The accused did these things intentionally and in a planned way. His intention was to create an extreme situation.”

Defence counsel Mizanul Islam took the floor for a minute just before the end of proceedings and said he will provide some evidence proving that the prosecution submitted many false documents in the case.

The tribunal adjourned the hearing until today when the defence will take part in closing arguments for the accused.

The charges against Mobarak include killing of 33 people in Akhaura, the torture and murder of Ashuranjan Deb at a razakar camp, and the abductions and killings in Shyampur committed between August and December 1971.

The same tribunal, in the morning session, recorded the cross-examination of the 13th prosecuting witness in the case against alleged al-Badr commander of Rangpur ATM Azharul Islam. The tribunal later adjourned the hearing until May 26. 

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