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icddr,b issues health guidelines centring heatwave

  • Health risks due to excessive heat
  • Those who are at highest risk
  • What to do to control heat stroke
Update : 21 Apr 2024, 08:38 PM

In an effort to minimize health risk due to the scorching heat, the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) and icddr,b issued some guidelines and urged people to follow it.

Health risks due to excessive heat

  • Feeling uncomfortable
  • Dehydration
  • Severe headache
  • Sleepless
  • Body ache
  • Muscle pain
  • Aversion to food
  • Skin lesions
  • Kidney and lung problem
  • Respiratory problem
  • Heart problem
  • Heat stroke
  • Heat cramps

Those who are at highest risk

  • Children
  • Elderly person
  • Disable person
  • Daily wager, rickshaw puller, farmer, construction worker
  • Person with overweight
  • Person especially those who have comorbidities like heart disease, high blood pressure

What to do to control heat stroke

  • To refrain from going outside, avoid sun
  • Cover head with umbrella, cap or cloth as much as possible when in outside
  • Wearing of light colour dresses especially made of cotton
  • Drinking adequate pure water
  • Try to eat foods that are easily digested and avoid eating stale, open foods
  • Refrain from continuous exercise in day time
  • Take bath multiple times or splash water, if possible
  • Keep an eye on the colour of urine continuously, if it is yellow or dark, then increase the amount of water drinking
  • Keep in mind that the environment of the house is not overheated or vapour
  • If you feel sick, consult the nearest doctor immediately

The DGHS also urged to make a call at 16263 to take telemedicine if they find any symptoms above these within 24 hours.

The whole country has been reeling under scorching heat as a very severe heat wave gripped parts of Bangladesh, with maximum temperatures ranging from 40°C to over 42°C in some areas.

“Very severe heat wave is sweeping Pabna, Jessore and Chuadanga districts and a severe heat wave is sweeping Dhaka and parts of Khulna divisions and Rajshahi district,” said a bulletin of Bangladesh Meteorological Department on Sunday.

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