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Covid-19: China will stand beside Bangladesh

'We are deeply touched by the people of Bangladesh, as you firmly stand by the Chinese people in the fight against Covid-19'

Update : 30 Mar 2020, 11:36 PM

In an open letter, Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming has said Beijing will stand beside Dhaka throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, assuring continued medical support.

“As of today [Monday], China has donated 40,500 test kits, 15,000 surgical N95 masks, 300,000 medical masks, 10,000 protective gowns and 1,000 infrared thermometers to Bangladesh for medical workers and others who are most in need, with more supplies to arrive in the near future,” the Chinese ambassador said.

“The embassy is also organizing a videoconference between top Chinese medical experts and Bangladeshi doctors and nurses, to provide training and instructions for managing the disease,” he added. 

Li Jiming further said: “We shall stay with Bangladesh in the implementation of key cooperation projects to make sure that, both during and after the epidemic, Bangladeshi workers on the projects will remain employed and the construction will go on as long as the situation permits.

“We shall stay with Bangladesh in our bilateral trade and supply chains to help Bangladesh stabilize its market share and keep local factories up and running to produce critical medical equipment, with the Chinese airlines remaining in operation,” he added.

File photo: Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming speaks at a function at the Chinese Embassy in Dhaka marking the formation of a Chinese medical team on Sunday, November 17, 2019 | BSSLetter also says the Embassy of China shall to continue to provide necessary services and engage in political discourses with the Bangladeshi side, as always.  

“We are deeply touched by the people of Bangladesh, as you firmly stand by the Chinese people in the fight against Covid-19. Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina, honorable prime minister of Bangladesh, sent a letter of sympathy and support to Chinese President Xi Jinping,” the ambassador said.

“The government and civil societies of Bangladesh donated various kinds of medical and health supplies to the Chinese people. Many special prayers were also held for China by Bangladeshi religious circles. A friend in need is a friend indeed. These touching actions speak of the long-term and profound friendship between the people of China and Bangladesh,” he added in the letter.

As of March 29, Covid-19 has spread to over 199 countries and regions with more than 730,000 cases confirmed globally. A total 49 cases have been confirmed in Bangladesh, with five deaths.

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