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Unplastic Bangladesh 2024 campaign launched 

  • A passionate call to action against plastic pollution
  • A resounding plea for heightened environmental awareness
Update : 24 Apr 2024, 12:05 AM

Green Lead, in collaboration with Sonali Bioplastics, has officially launched the "Unplastic Bangladesh 2024" campaign, building upon the success of its 2023 edition.

The campaign is a passionate call to action against plastic pollution and a resounding plea for heightened environmental awareness.

It also extends an invitation for individuals to play an active role in reshaping their communities and guiding them toward a sustainable, plastic-free future, said a press release. 

The inauguration took place at the Lakeshore Hotel, Gulshan, Dhaka on Monday with the enthusiastic participation of youth from diverse backgrounds.

Dr Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury, senior fellow of the National University of Singapore and former foreign advisor of Bangladesh, made the opening remarks.

He praised the goals of the campaign and lauded the youth of Bangladesh, in particular young students, for the support they are rendering the campaign, suggesting they work in concert with global institutions as well for more effective results.

Following him, Mariam Ispahani, founder and CEO of Sonali Bioplastics, made a presentation highlighting the threat that plastics pose the community, and suggesting some methods of mitigation. She urged immediate action.

Afterward, Md Fahim Hossain, founder and CEO of Green Lead highlighted the theory of "Unplasticing".

He also conducted a workshop engaging participants resulting in an insightful and stimulating discussion.

The event witnessed vibrant engagement from the youth through the "Unplastic Challenge," where participants proposed ideas to instigate behavioral change among their peers.

Notable professionals from organizations such as the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), Water Aid, Volunteer for Environment, Bandarban University, Originative 360, Lal Shabuj Society, and others also graced the occasion.

The “Unplastic Bangladesh Campaign” will run from April 22 to June 5 (Environment Day) with participation open nationwide.

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