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Buet students say they put protest on hold over security fears

  • Conveyed their stance through written statement
  • Buet students stand firm against Shibir, Hizb ut-Tahrir
Update : 31 Mar 2024, 09:12 PM

Despite the ongoing protests by Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Buet) students against the entry of Chhatra League leaders on the campus with their six-point demands, their presence was absent on Sunday, contrary to their earlier announcement.

Although they had declared their intention to assemble at 7am on Sunday, they were nowhere to be seen.

Speaking at the press conference held in front of Buet's registrar building on Sunday afternoon, students conveyed their stance through a written statement.

They clarified that due to severe security concerns, all students across all batches who had been protesting for a campus free from student politics at Buet refrained from gathering on the day.

They elaborated on the alarming situation, citing continuous announcements through loudspeakers in all areas surrounding the campus since the previous night, threatening phone calls to students, the proliferation of various rumours on social media platforms, attaching false labels to Buet students, publicizing students' images with their identities, and spreading propaganda that seriously jeopardized their safety.

Consequently, both the Buet campus and its surrounding areas have become unsafe for the students, who now fear for their safety even outside the campus premises.

However, the absence of Buet students from the campus on Sunday due to security concerns does not signify their withdrawal from their demand for a campus devoid of student politics, they added.

Highlighting their collective stance, they mentioned that all but one student abstained from participating in the term final examination of the 20th batch on Sunday. Out of 1,215 students from the batch, only one took the exam, reflecting the unified moral position of students against the re-establishment of student politics on campus.

Similarly, no student appeared for the first term final examination of the 22nd batch on March 30. This voluntary abstention from examinations underscores their resolute stance against the resurgence of student politics on campus.

Addressing recent media portrayals, wherein the university's student politics have been propagating misinformation against a large number of protesting students, they reiterated their stance.

They clarified that their position is not directed against any specific student political organization but rather against the activities of all political organizations within the Buet campus. Buet students aspire for a secure and conducive learning environment, free from the influence of power or greed.

Embodying the spirit of the liberation war and the ideals of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Father of the Nation, Buet students remain steadfast in their vision of contributing to the realization of a science and technology-based prosperous Bangladesh.

Buet students stand firm against Shibir, Hizb ut-Tahrir

Dismissing the accusations linking the ongoing protests by students to the banned organizations Hizb ut-Tahrir and Shibir as unfounded and deliberate, the students emphasized their commitment to oppose anyone associated with these groups and demanded their expulsion.

Addressing concerns about recent incidents allegedly involving students associated with these organizations, the students clarified that such events occurred outside the Buet premises, and as of now, no concrete evidence has been presented.

However, they stressed their readiness to support appropriate action against any individuals implicated in such activities, pending a thorough investigation by the university.

Highlighting their stance against student political activities on the Buet campus, the students condemned the formation of committees, rallies, and gatherings of political organizations, which violate the university's regulations aimed at maintaining a politics-free environment.

They particularly criticized the entry of outsiders onto the campus at night, a practice strictly prohibited for Buet students, and highlighted the orchestrated nature of such activities, indicating their association with organizational politics.

Expressing frustration with the lack of respect shown by Chhatra League towards the concerns of Buet students, the students recalled past incidents, including threats made by Dhaka University Chhatra League leaders to organize rallies at Buet in 2022.

Despite repeated protests and appeals for a non-political campus environment, Chhatra League have persistently sought to reintroduce student politics to Buet against the wishes of the student body.

The students emphasized that their discontent has escalated into a peaceful movement advocating for a secure campus environment and urged the public not to be misled by misinformation.

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