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Chhatra League leader passes DU’s Japanese Study admission test sans attendance

  • ‘The student attend exam later on the day due to sickness’
  • 27 students pass while the attendees were 26
Update : 10 Feb 2024, 09:05 PM

The name of a Chhatra League leader has been included in a list of students who passed though he reportedly did not attend the admission examination of the Professional Masters in Japanese Studies (PMJS) of Dhaka University. 

Despite only 26 students participating, the list sent to the registrar's office revealed that 27 individuals had successfully passed the test against 40 seats, raising questions about the accuracy of the assessment process. 

It was discovered at the registrar's office that an additional name, Mithun Chandra Sheel, was included in the final results, bringing the total count to 27.

Mithun Chandra Sheel, a graduate of the University of Dhaka's Banking and Insurance department, currently holds the position of joint secretary at Jagannath Hall Chhatra League, Dhaka University wing. 

His exam attendance has sparked inquiries and discussions within the academic community.

PMJS is an irregular postgraduate course in the Department of Japanese Studies, University of Dhaka. 

According to sources of the university, this admission test of PMJS was held at 10am on December 22.

It was scheduled that the oral exam would take place after the announcement of the results of the written exam at 2.30pm on that day. But in reality, the oral exam was conducted at 11am, an hour after the written exam. 

Later in the final result, the name of one additional person was published along with those 26 people who participated in the written examination. 

The 27 students who passed were asked to complete the admission process by December 31.

When asked, Mithun Chandra Sheel said: “I was physically unwell on the scheduled day. But as per the decision of the examination body, I sat for the examination later at 3pm on the day.”

Asked about the matter, Jahangir Alam, chairman of the department, told media that they took the oral examination after the publication of the results of the written test at 2:30pm on December 22. 

As Mithun was ill, his examination was taken on December 22 after the oral examination. In addition, the test of some other students who were sick was taken after a week, said the chairman. 

Their examination was conducted following a decision of the examination committee, he further said. 

When asked about the matter, Maksud Kamal, the vice-chancellor of the University of Dhaka, said that generally, there is no provision for allowing examinees to sit for an admission exam if they miss the scheduled time.

However, clarification is required on the specific circumstances that led the examination committee to take a decision on holding the examination of the student, said the VC. 

Dhaka University, known for its stringent examination policies, has traditionally maintained a strict stance, even barring department students from participating in semester examinations under certain circumstances.

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