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10 Minute School inaugurates new online batch for 2024

  • This edition is full of games, real life experiences and experiments to explain the topics
  • 'Online Batch' course of 10 Minute School started back in 2021
Update : 10 Jan 2024, 11:25 PM

This year, 10 Minute School, the largest online education platform in Bangladesh, has inaugurated “Online Batch 2024” on January 3 to guarantee the accurate and top-notch guidelines to the students in the new curriculum.

In the light of the new curriculum, this “Online Batch 2024” edition is full of games, real life experience and experiments to explain the topics.

The journey of the “Online Batch” course of 10 Minute School started back in 2021. 

From the beginning, this course is conducted to complete preparation from class 6 to 10. 

Since 2021, more than 2,300 live classes have been conducted and about 21,000 students across the country have prepared for this course at home. 

Hundreds of experienced teachers who are mostly students of Buet-Medical-Dhaka University have taken the classes here. 

This year the founder and CEO Ayman Sadik, has inaugurated “Online Batch 2024” with a “Grand Launching Live” on the official Facebook page of 10 Minute school. 

Moreover, the teachers of class 6 to 10 including Head instructor Munjerin Shahid were present in this live program. 

How the classes will be conducted, what facilities will be there and how students will use it all have been demonstrated throughout this live broadcast. 

The launching live of the “Online Batch 2024” will be accessible anytime on the official Facebook page and YouTube channel of 10 Minute School.

Although there will be no examination in the new curriculum, the merit-based evaluation of the students will be based on group work, presentation and various life skills. 

Keeping this in mind, according to NCTB's guidelines, the live classes have been arranged interactively in online batches. Classes will be topic based and in order to facilitate the students to understand the class properly, one will deliver the lectures and another one will provide instantaneous responses to the questions of class attendees which will ensure the complete learning process. 

Last year, this organization taught more than 6,000 students from 1,000 schools across the country in the new curriculum of 6th and 7th grade. 

This time, using that experience, the largest and most experienced teacher panel of the country will teach six subjects (6th-9th grade: Mathematics, Science, Bengali, English, Digital Technology, History and Social Science and 10th grade – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Mathematics, Higher Mathematics, English) 6 days a week. There will be poll quizzes, Fill in the blanks, Drag and Drop feature in the classes which will make the lecture easy to understand. Furthermore, there will be facilities to upload the image of CQ answer scripts. This means that the student will get everything he needs to understand the lecture and to evaluate them in one course. Not only that, there will be daily practice at the end of every class which must be submitted within 24 hours after the classes. Along with daily practices, there will be weekly practice which will evaluate the learning outcome of the whole week.

There will be special guidelines for the student so that they can easily complete the new curriculum assignments on their own; where individual assignments will be explained easily through live class with games and there will be demo assignment video playlists in the app for group assignments. 

To provide an overall update on the student’s academic growth, the student's progress report card will be sent to the guardian's mobile after evaluating the qualifications of each student at the end of the course.  

At the inauguration ceremony, Ayman Sadiq, Founder of 10 Minute School said: "There will be 34 skill sessions and various events like Mathematics, Science and English Olympiad to make the students not only educated but also skilled people, which I think will surely play a pioneering role in making our future generations skilled." 

The new curriculum aims not to make students read books, but to create skilled people. For that purpose, along with study, 34 skill sessions, mathematics, science and English Olympiad will also be organized for the students in the “Online Batch 2024” edition. 

Therefore, all are hopeful that the 'Online Batch 2024' will play a pivotal role in making the students as skilled citizens by ensuring the full learning process.

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