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Brac celebrates International Day of Women and Girls in Science

  • Women from various science sectors participate
  • Speakers share their journey in different fields of science
Update : 11 Feb 2024, 09:43 PM

Brac’s Climate Change program on Sunday organized a talk titled “Women in Science Leadership: A New Era for Sustainability” on the occasion of International Day of Women and Girls in Science at Brac Centre. 

Women from different sectors of science joined the event and made it interactive.

Abu Sadat Moniruzzaman Khan, head of the Brac Climate Change program, talked about women's empowerment. He hoped that the audience would be larger at next year’s event. 

Prof Anika Islam of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology’s water resources engineering department shared her experience as a woman in science. 

“I have been very privileged as a woman in science. However, not all women are privileged like me. We need to think about those girls. There is also a need to improve security for women working in the field. There are many girls capable of doing fieldwork, but they drop out because of security reasons. We need to ensure girls' security to make them more productive.”

Farida Parvin, additional deputy director, Department of Agricultural Extension, said: “I have gone through a lot of struggle for my studies. In agriculture universities, 40% of students are girls. They are even better than the boys. I am training five drone pilots, three of whom are girls. I am very amazed at their interest in their jobs. A girl can do anything if she wants.”

Nurun Nahar, country director of Heifer International, said: “Our society has a cultural barrier: girls are less involved in science and technology. It was more visible in our time. Girls are not allowed to do fieldwork. This pressure is put on them by society and their families. I think girls need to adopt technology to make their lives easier. It will make them more advanced. 

“Gender roles do not change overnight. We need to make our sons knowledgeable about gender roles. It will result in gender balance.”

Farzna Misha, assistant professor at Brac James P Grant School of Public Health, said: “I have struggled like any other woman. Life is not the same for a man and a woman. Women always struggle with confidence. In the ages between 8 and 14, women lose 40% of their confidence. Even if you are wrong, you need to speak up. If you do not speak up as a woman, you will always stay behind.”

Dr Rasheda Rawnak Khan, an associate professor of anthropology at Dhaka University, said: “We should never compete with others. Every person has their own capability, and every girl should focus on her personal achievements and goals. Every struggle should be taken as an experience, which will make life easier… Girls and boys should be treated as equals to bring gender balance.”

Tapas Chakraborty, senior program manager at Brac’s Climate Change program, mentioned the sustainability of today’s society and inspired all women to achieve their personal goals.

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