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Gulshan Society hosts book fair at Gulshan Society Lake Park

The event has become a hot ticket in the cultural landscape in the capital's yearly calendar of events with a cult following

Update : 10 Mar 2023, 12:12 PM

Gulshan Society is hosting the third edition of its popular book fair in the Gulshan Society Lake Park. 

It takes place 10am-6pm, Thursday through Saturday, 9-11 March, 2023. 


The event has become a hot ticket in the cultural landscape in the capital's yearly calendar of events with a cult following. Independent writers from all over South Asia including Bangla Academy Award Winners graced the pop-up green stage underneath the famed “bot gach” or banyan tree.

With mesmerising jazz, chillhop and Lo-Fi playing throughout the venue, the music selected for the event created the perfect ambiance in the park. Note that the sound levels were calibrated to fill the event space only and not affect neighbours.



Children were entertained with artwork on canvas with several babies amazed by the baul couple from Korail who played a heavily instagrammed mobile concert across the venue.

The highlights of the day included award winning Dr Niaz Zaman moderating “When the Mango Tree Blossomed,” with its contributors, Shazia with Golden Bangladesh at 50, Cholpori and Sirocco's live melodious and uplifting soulful tracks. The stage was set beautifully against the banyan tree with flying birds, wasps and butterflies decorated throughout the branches, all reading books!


The founder of the event and GS Lake Park Convenor, Shayaan Seraj, believes: “Dhaka is becoming a megacity. The curation of literature and music must reflect the ever evolving fabric of our community. Contemporary mixed with traditional and new with the experienced. Parks are the best place to promote social innovation and aid in the development of the local neighbourhood. Through these events, the aspiration is to develop the experience and create a unique niche similar to London's Hyde Park or New York City's Central Park.” 



He also thanked Secretary General Shukla Sarwat Siraj and the Executive Committee for supporting his initiatives wholeheartedly.


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