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Free eye treatment for transport workers in Sayedabad

At least 1,000 workers will receive free eye treatment in Sayedabad

Update : 23 Apr 2019, 04:29 PM

An eye treatment camp is providing free treatment at Sayedabad bus terminal, for workers in the transport sector, to reduce vision-related road accidents.

JCI Dhaka West has organized the treatment with Brac as strategic partner — supported by Shohoz, Gazi Tyre and the Dhaka City Road Transport Workers Union — which will take place on April 23-24.

Organizers said they are expecting to serve at least 1,000 workers totally free of cost. They are providing the patients with: glasses, medicine, counseling, and medical services.

Dr Kamran ul Baset, head of Brac's Road Safety Program, said: "Many of the drivers have problems with their vision but they are not aware, even some suffer and avoid treatment due to money problems. That is why we are providing them with free treatment. Plus, by this free camp we will hopefully know how many workers have vision problems."

Head of Brands of Shohoz, Munawar Chowdhury, said: "We joined this programme because we have drivers who transport passengers. For the sake of their safety we were interested and initiated this camp."

General Secretary of Dhaka City Road Transport Workers Union, Kazi Selim Sarwar, said:" Drivers do not commit accidents willingly. There are multiple reasons behind every accident. Vision is one of them. This is the second time we are arranging this kind of camp."

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