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Daughter to Mubashar: Where is my toy?

Update : 22 Dec 2017, 04:51 PM
After one and a half month of being missing, Dr Mubashar Hasan Cesar was finally found on Friday. On returning home, Mubashar called his daughter around 4:30am. Hearing his voice, the six-year-old Ariana could not hold back her emotions. Mubashar’s ex-wife confirmed the matter. She said: “I woke up Ariana to speak to her father [who called on the caretaker’s phone]. On hearing his voice, Ariana asked for the toy [he promised to get her before he disappeared]. “She said, ‘You told me you were going to buy me a toy. Where is it?’” Mubashar assured Ariana that he was going to give her a toy soon.
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Ariana also told Mubashar that she was really sad because he was not present during her last birthday. Mubashar promised that he would throw another birthday celebration for her. Ariana’s birthday was on November 27; she was told by her family that her father was abroad at the time.The article was first published on Bangla Tribune
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